People in Illinois seem to be pretty wound up

I made a run over to the Bloomington, IL area today to visit my client and something caught my eye. Unlike this time two years ago, candidate yard signs are few and far between. What jumped out at me was a non-candidate politcal sign. In a yard along US Highway 150 just east of Bloomington, a homeowner had erected a sign that looked to be made from a half sheet of plywood, lettered with stencils and a paint brush. It said simply, “Vote Nov. 2 or Surrender Your Citizenship.”

My sentiments exactly.

But then on the way home this afternoon I spotted a truly astonishing sign. It was a fresh covering for a billboard on the south side of Interstate 74 eastbound, about a mile inside the Illinois border just outside Danville, IL. The billboard was dominated by a picture of The One in sort of an ‘Uncle Sam wants you’ picture and next to him was the legend:

Obama's Regime
Your America
Vote November 2

Folks in the Land of Lincoln seem a little wound up. The irony to me was that earlier, I’d been thinking that the democrats are in such trouble, I have been a little surprised that the “it’s not a referendum on Obama” stories haven’t started yet …. I suppose I can expect to start reading them pretty soon based on the signage.