An idea whose time has not come -- and probably won't

I apologize if someone else has passed along this thought … earlier today on the news I happened to hear St. Hillary of the Billing Records welcoming Israeli and Palestinian representatives to talks at the White House where I’m sure white smoke will soon be coming out of the chimney. No of course not. This is a routine that apparently all presidents feel compelled to go through regardless of the fact that it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

I thought, how pleasant– I haven’t heard her voice or seen her in months and then I remembered … It wasn’t that terribly long ago, maybe as little as a year, that there was periodic speculation (what I’d personally categorize as “wild eyed speculation”) that shortly after the now rapidly approaching mid-terms she’d quit her day job to run for president because by then surely The One would be so unpopular with democrats, and just enough of the electorate as a whole, that he could be unhorsed. With the republican party naught but roadkill, her coronation in 2012 would be assured.

And then reality happened of course. It hit me listening to her this afternoon that’s never going to happen. The tinfoil hat wing of the democrat party is no so firmly entrenched in the driver’s seat, they’ll let The One steer them right off the cliff (sorry for the mixed metaphor), in fact demanding he go faster. With good luck on our side democrats will suffer a true cataclysm in November and with hard work, The One will be demoted back to private citizen in two years. (How much the world can change in one lifetime: shortly before I was born Harry Truman packed up and went home to MO telling reporters he was glad to be promoted back to private citizen. I guess it’s fair to say the Ruling Class phenomenon hadn’t fully taken hold in 1953.)

If Hillary were an NFL team, I think it’s safe to say we’d categorize her position as one where her window of opportunity isn’t just closing, it’s nailed shut.