Good question. I'll find out.

I forwarded this story to a couple of friends Monday when it came out with the subject line, “Those wacky unions!”. A local GM stamping plant union has voted themselves into unemployment soon by turning down an offer — recommended by the UAW head office — to allow the plant to be bought up by another company which would cut pay but keep it open. Way to cut your own throat!

Then this morning I read this editorial on Investor’s Business Daily titled ‘How to Go Extinct’ and thought, yeah that about sums it up. However, it asked the rhetorical question in the final paragraph that bears a non-rhetorical answer: “Should a financially troubled state like Indiana now support those who willingly walk away from decent jobs?” In theory when the plant’s closed, they’ll be laid off and thus eligible to suckle at the IN state government unemployment fund teat. That ain’t right. I’m out of town today but will call my state rep for an answer on whether these deadbeats can be kept out of my wallet when I get home.