Rush, Joe Stack, Aktion T 4 and Obama

I was listening to Rush’s podcast from last Friday this morning in the car and had a thought around his riffing on Joe Stack, the whack job that crashed his plane into the IRS office in Austin last week.

As Rush was pointing out, the legacy media has been working at pinning this guy onto the Tea Party movement; he further noted he’d more or less predicted that was going to happen on the day of the incident. Stack’s screed, which is still up on the internet, is clearly infused with leftist kant– bashing Reagan’s tax cuts is hardly in the Tea Party’s sweet spot– but it occurred to me, Rush didn’t take his commentary about this media tactic far enough.

The legacy media has, for generations, been taking the exemplars of the left’s malefeasance, stupidty and arrogance and trying to pin them in the public mind as the results of conservative thought.

Here at home the best case in point is Herbert Hoover. Many of you will have read the comment of FDR’s gopher Harry Hopkins to the effect that the New Deal was just a continuation of what Hoover started. In fact at the time, Hoover was widely excoriated for trying to inject the Federal government into trying to correct the business cycle. For instance we all know what a boffo decision his signing the Smoot-Hawley tarrif law was. There’ve been many fine works written in the last 10, 15 years about the foolishness of Hoover. Most don’t realize in fact that FDR ran against what Hoover had started– but then cranked it up.

The best international exemplar of this media villain-repurposing is of course Adolph Hitler. Hitler was no right winger, he was a socialist through and through. All those street battles through Germany in the late 20s and early 30s between Reds and Nazis were for dominance of the left, they weren’t left vs right battles. Cheap vacations for the worker through the Kraft durch Freude program is hardly the work of a steely eyed capitalist and is just one of the obviously socialist programs of the Nazi Reich. I’m probably not telling many of you anything you don’t already know in regards to Hitler-as-socialist.

What really struck me listening to Rush, though, was the realization I had that in at least one tenuous aspect, Hitler was a soul mate of the Obama administration. Hilter had this guy named Karl Brandt, who became his personal physician in 1944, to run ‘Aktion T 4,’ the code name for the slaughter of 100,000 undesirables– the mentally retarded, senile, and the hopelessly insane among them– between 1933 and the outbreak of the war. If the poster displayed in the Wikipedia story doesn’t send a chill up your spine, I’m not sure what would.

Well, Obama has this classy guy John Holdren who has written in his book Ecoscience, co-authored with nut jobs Paul and Anne Ehrlich, extolling the notion of forced abortion, forced adoption, and mass sterilization through lacing the water system with birth control agents. Other than his innovation of stopping the birth of the Aktion T 4 victims up front, is this really that different from what Brandt was doing?

It’s all Progressive eugenics. Another atrocity down the memory hole because it’ll demolish the “Hitler as right winger” meme of the inhumane left. Stack’s attacks on Reagan and Bush will follow along shortly.