Oops, never mind: Bayh's seat isn't in play

What was I thinking? I should have known the Indiana Republicant Party would blow it. It’s still January and they’ve already set up Bayh for a return trip to DC this fall. I was lulled into clicking through to a story titled ‘Colts offer council Super Bowl seats at face value‘ on the Indianapolis Fishwrapper Star website this morning. Turns out it was a political story with a Colts hook that not only detailed the small beer corruption of accepting the opportunity to buy Super Bowl tickets at face value by the Indy city council (if I have to explain to you why that’s corrupt, you might be on the wrong website), but also the reaction of the Indiana Republicant Party chairman to last week’s  RNC instructions to the hapless Michael Steele to make sure the party is backing actual Republicans in future elections. You know, as opposed to a bunch of Dede Scozzafavas.

In a way this “controversy” is a text book example of media bias. Even the Washtimes called it a “litmus test,” a loaded term that conveys little in the way of explanation. That meme was repeated in the Fishwrapper’s story today as well. For those not familiar with the RNC action,

The resolution specifically calls on the national chairman to take into account the voting records and statements of all GOP candidates for evidence that they support the “core principles and positions” of the party’s national platform, widely regarded as a highly conservative document.

I guess what I take away from this is that the Republican Party is at least, in theory only mind you, a conservative party. Well shucks. What won’t they think of next.

Apparently an RNC member from Terre Haute, Jim Bopp, was a mover behind the RNC resolution which the Indiana Republicant Party Chairman Murray Clark hoped, according to the Star, would just go away. Apparently this guy is all for returning Bayh to the Senate.

A clearly frustrated Clark said Bopp’s proposal was the opposite of what Gov. Mitch Daniels has stood for, and the opposite of the inclusive message he’s tried to convey as state party chairman.

“I’m all for shining a light on the differences between the parties,” Clark said.

But, he said, “looking at the governor, looking at how we’ve tried to do things in Indiana, we want to grow the party. We want to send a signal to people who are thinking about becoming Republicans or thinking about being Republican candidates that we want them to be involved.”

“We have a real opportunity to grow the party, but a litmus test, I’m afraid, sends the image that we are more exclusive than inclusive,” he said. “That’s not the image we want here; that’s not the image that the governor’s modus operandi is, nor the party’s.”

As soon as I see Republicans talking about “inclusive” I know they are doomed. Some of those horrible things that the Republicant Party platform promotes are opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens, killing babies at a whim, treating terrorists as common criminals, and so-called “same sex marriage.” I’m sure Hoosiers are all for open borders, abortion on demand, moving the KSM trial to the heartland, and teaching Heather has Two Mommies in our schools. Not.

If there’s a more sure fire path to sending Bayh back to DC, it’s to nominate a squishy Republicant to run against him. Bayh’s been an empty suit his entire career and has coasted on his father’s name. In a way it’s almost a joke that the dems aren’t trying to get rid of him since his wife used to be (or maybe still is) a lawyer for Evil Big Pharma. Come to think of it, if Bayh were as smart as he probably thinks he is, he’d cross the aisle– he could keep right on doing what he’s been doing. He’s done nothing to distinguish himself either as governor or senator. He helped the state Republican cause by voting for the so-called health care bill, which would get him lynched in about 80 counties in this state, yet the Republicant Party, at least officially, wants to be “inclusive.” This is tantamount to surrendering before the battle has even started. If there’s a state with a higher incidence of buyer’s remorse over T.O., I’d be surprised. But leave it to Republicants to throw away the opportunity. I think I’m gonna hurl.