Does this make anyone else nervous?

I love RSS, for two reasons. One, I’m too busy to really dig down into a lot of stuff and RSS feeds let you at least do a drive by on the high points. Plus, I’m lazy. 🙂 So while enjoying the steady drumbeat from the continued heartbeat of the Republic we hear coming from the People’s Republic of Taxachussetts,  I do a quick scan down my RSS feeds just now and see this headline from the BBC: ‘Obama tells Senate not to ‘jam’ through healthcare plan‘ This set off a veritable cacophony of alarm bells.

First– ideologues never surrender. This comparison isn’t meant to be an over-the-top, torque-everyone-off comparison but the reason that WW2 in Europe only ended with Adolph’s grey matter splattered on his sitting room couch was the power of ideology to keep otherwise rational people dying for something that was long since finished. And T.O. is absolutely a true believing Marxist ideologue. So, my immediate reaction is, he is absolutely not saying what he believes. Like this is a surprise.

Second– I ask myself, where’s the poison in this cup of fellowship? Fortunately the BBC mistakenly revealed it in the second paragraph quoting him saying “… lawmakers should seek to “coalesce” around parts they agreed on.” Wait a second. The parts they agreed on? I thought 60 of them agreed on everything?

So, there’s the strategy — chop it up in pieces and feed it to us one small, poisonous nibble at a time. We haven’t won anything because the ideologues are not going to give up, no how, no way.

But I’ll tell you this, aside from the other ideologues in Congress, the Dame Nancy types, Democrytes are soon going to be stampeding for the hills. The ones who’ve already bailed? Just the pilot fish. The handwriting is so large I think even John H. can see it from the grave.

And here’s my off-the-wall prediction — Hillary Milhouse is going to jump ship from the SS Unicorn and start running for president within the next year.