Stupid versus Real

I really enjoy the juxtaposition of stupidity versus reality. This morning I pop up the usual suspect list of websites and right on page 1, so to speak, on the London Telegraph site, they present me this great visual pitting the stupid headline versus the real headline– “Protests threaten Copenhagen climate talks” complete with picture of idiot being handcuffed, and immediately below it, “Snow falls in London“. Now I don’t claim to know the first thing about the weather in London; I haven’t been there in 33 years. But I know enough about the news to know that if you put this up top on your website, it must be fairly unique. It underscores the idiocy of the entire mob of people in Copenhagen like nothing else can.

And to save you from having to read the weather story, the jist of it is that it was -6C (about 22F) in some areas and they had a few flakes. To my surprise… which is pathetic considering how many times I’ve been to Vegas… it turns out that bookies take bets on the likelihood of a white Christmas in London. Given this planet killing global warming we’re suffering, the odds were apparently 8-1 against. Now? 5-2. Global warming is having such a devastating effect on our long-suffering Gaia …

Rupert Adams, spokesman for William Hill [a London-area bookmaker], said: ”The million pound snow flake is something that we have always talked about in hushed tones and for the first time this millennium it looks like we could get collared.

”There is unlikely to be much festive cheer in our office this year.”