MSNBC's -- and the Republicant Party's -- alternate universe

Hard to believe this one. According to this story in the Politico, someone’s approached Joe Scarborough’s about running for president, spurred on by The One’s drop in the polls. Who’s kidding whom here? I had to laugh when I got to the bottom of the story and it said that his show on MSNBC gave him a great platform because he had 500,000 viewers. It goes without saying that 500k viewers of MSNBC are likely to be a half million left-wing cranks and more importantly, in this media soaked nation of about 300,000,000 people, a half million is a rounding error.

To me even more absurd are some of the other names mentioned in this story. General Petraeus, touted by Bob Dole? Bob Dole? Please. IN governor Mitch Daniels? Listen, he’s been an excellent fiscal shepherd in this climate but the man has all the charisma of a second-tier undertaker. Given that The One will only have charisma to run on in ’12, sending Mitch out as a presidential candidate would be like sending Little Lord Fauntleroy to a knife fight. Absurdly, the story also mentions Dick Cheney. Tough guy. Love his plain speaking. Also no chance. Mitt Romney? Is he still around? The ’12 Republicant candidate will have to be someone mighty special to beat The One who will once again be backed by the legacy media, the unions and the ACORN thugs. One of the few with any real chance is the one the story mentions only in passing– Sarah Palin.