That Wellstone moment. Admit it-- we knew it would happen.

I think I’m gonna hurl. Check out the transcript from T. Kennedy’s funeral…

MAX ALLEN, SEN. KENNEDY’S GRANDSON: For what my grandpa calls the cause of his life, as he said so often, in every part of this land, that every American will have decent quality health care, as a fundamental right, and not a privilege. We pray to the lord. CONGREGATION: Lord, hear our prayer.

Truly, these people are revolting. The notion that this unrepentant drunk driving killer, who advocated snuffing out innocent life throughout his political career, was accorded a funeral mass causes the bile to rise in my throat.

While I’m thinking about this spurious right, let me share what I think is the best definition of a right I’ve ever heard. I happened to come across Dr. Walter Williams on the radio one day, discussing false versus real rights and what he said was that a real right was one whose exercise imposed no costs and consumption did not diminish the supply.