Not Presidential

     Everyone is talking about Congressman Wilson’s “You lie” outburst; which was over the top and unfortunate. The media is also saying this is the most disrespectful act on the House floor and the first time a President has been heckled on the floor. I am not afraid to point out that the media and liberal pundits are liars.
     The fact is George Bush in his State of the Union speech of 2005 was loudly booed and heckles were heard coming from the hypocritical left. Why does the media not talk about that? Because they are yellow is the only thing I can determine.
     Moreover, no one in the media even Fox is talking about how disrespectful and partisan the President was in his speech to Congress. I have not done all of the research, but I cannot find an instance where a President has addressed Congress and called its citizens liars. Neither can I find where a President has been so blatantly two-faced.
     How can someone stand there and say end the partisanship, then in the next several sentences blast the other side with vitriolic rhetoric? It is unfortunate the left hasn’t the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the lies by their own.