Courage Mr. Obama

     History was made in January when the first American-African was sworn in as President of the United States. It was not only a great day for the Obamas, but also for America. A country who had legally allowed slaves in its first 80-90 years of existence and then had Jim Crow laws in the south now suddenly had a black president.
     President Obama was a transcending figure with the issue of race. Millions of white people voted for a man with no executive experience and less than 2 years of federal government experience. A man who had ties to two race baiting preachers; one of whom exposed his hatred for America in general. Obama had 98% of the black vote and over 50% of the white vote.
     However, it wasn’t but a few weeks later the trickle of the word racist became to come out of the leftist media and punditry. It seems that any criticism or protest of the president and his ideology is now a racist event. From Keith Olbermann and his guests to Representative Watson to the so called Reverend Jeremiah Wright. If you disagree with the black president you are a racist. This does not even include all the general citizens who write, call and just generally make these statements of hate. What does this show?
      It shows that they the left wingers of today’s society are defiant of the true meaning of freedom of speech. Being called a racist can be severely damaging to a person’s credibility, and character whether it is true or not. It is used to marginalize a groups criticism of a policy, and it is used to divide the public. Those who abuse this label are hurting the dialogue of debate and have no place in the debate of current events and policy. They should be pushed out of the limelight and be pigeon holed into oblivion.
      Eric Holder the Attorney General of the United States in February of this year speaking on race made the comment “we are a nation of cowards” while talking about race relations. So why doesn’t the brave president give one of his ubiquitous speeches and demand an end to the inflammatory hate from the use of the word racist. Where Mr. President is your courage, or how about you Mr. Holder where is your courage.