Rick Perry and the memory of "W"

Say what you will about President Bush — which many have, including yours truly. However, it is clear now that “W” was an exceptional President when compared to our current Commander in Chief. He was more than strong on defense, a genuine and capable leader, surrounded himself with a quality team, and had the experience that is necessary to run this country. That experience seems much more critical now that we have seen what someone with a complete lack of experience has done in the White House, and is the reason why candidates like Bachmann and Cain have a much tougher fight than proven political executives in Romney and Perry, who successfully ran states and ran them well.

Unfortunately, President Bush also had a ton of negatives. He was the opposite of a fiscal conservative, signing into law The Stimulus as the cherry on top of eight years of free spending, and he was incredibly weak on immigration. All of that aside, no matter how smart the man is, he’s a terrible orator. The media did everything they could to make him look as stupid as possible and he was definitely an unwitting accomplice with his stumbles, mumbles, and accent.

And therein lays the problem for Governor Perry out of the chute. The mainstream media is going to do everything they can to compare Perry to Bush, setting him up as Bush Part Deux. They are already beginning the attacks on his religious beliefs, position on the social issues, and his immigration policies, but this seems to only bolster his case to a nation starving for these “weaknesses”. The media always seem to forget that the majority of Americans are God fearing Christians who want our borders secured and our enemies destroyed. The real enemy — in the eyes of the mainstream media — is Governor Perry and the majority of Americans.

Aside from being Christian Governors of the great state of Texas, the reality is that they are actually very different political leaders. Under Perry’s guidance Texas has been booming, which is an even greater feat when you consider the state of the union’s economy as a whole compared to the time when Bush was running Texas. Leaders at all levels of government in need of an example of how to properly run a government need only look at Texas, and therefore Governor Perry. It’s a simple, conservative formula that he has implemented  combining lower taxes with less government intrusion, allowing the market to regulate itself and the local economy to grow and flourish independent of government bureaucracy.

The biggest question in my mind for Governor Perry’s campaign is this: is it really that bad to be compared to President Bush? During W’s leadership our enemies knew fear, our economy was incredibly strong, and our constitution and American ideals were not under a constant assault from those sworn to protect the very fabric of our nation. Personally, I think Perry should embrace it and not run from it. I think this billboard says it all.