Rise of the Super PAC

As I wrote earlier this week, Super PAC’s will most likely play a critical role in the upcoming 2012 election cycle. There are a total of 33 Senate seats, all 435 House seats and one big Presidential seat up for grabs on November 6th, 2012 making this election season critical to the future of our country.

I will be exploring each of these races as they get closer, but one thing to consider as we enter the fledgling stages of this marathon is that the expectation for 2012 being the largest contribution year in the history of American politics is bolstered immensely by the emergence of the Super PAC.

In 2010 — the first election year that allowed for these new Super PAC’s – these groups were so new that many dealt with FEC filing issues that to date had been unknown, with many still having not finalized reports and incurring some rather large filing fees as of this posting. The “new” factor is critical to understand because with all of the unknown elements and such a small number of these organizations being created in time for the 2010 election — they still reportedly generated about $64.9 MM in donations. With a proper foundation and many large individual “bundlers” as well as corporations looking to guarantee the President a one-term legacy, the opportunity for 2012 is almost immeasurable.

Imagine the opportunity for a Super PAC, with the proper financing in place and with at least 950 candidates running for office in 2012… you could see where one of these groups could generate north of $100MM in contribution revenues from only the “small” donors – those who typically donate $200 or less – in online only activity in a highly efficient manner. With that type of funding  available to an organization — with no direct party or candidate affiliations to slow them down or set their strategy – the impact could be felt on a multitude of critical races around the country, district by district and all the way to the White House.

The most important piece of the equation for these Super PAC’s in 2012 will be the technology that they use to maintain their supporter base. These groups should be able to generate 15 MM supporters in the next 18 months and keep at least 10% engaged down the home stretch. With the proper outreach tools available to these supporters, allowing them to be home-based activists – removing costly overhead and little disruptions to a headquarters based group like weather and the ACORN/SEIU storm troopers – one could envision an organization being able to role at least 15MM calls EVERY DAY leading up to the election. This kind of district by district, state by state, race by race active and engaged supporter base telephonically driving voters to the polls through voting parties, organize voting buddy groups, provide real-time election day results and polling place feedback gives these new Super PAC’s amazing power. I could go on and on, but then I would spoil the surprise.

Just know that the opportunities to truly affect change for these Super PAC’s is mind boggling. With guys like Rove already on it and countless other conservative minded organizations getting on a roll, we on the right finally have an opportunity to at least equal the fund raising activities of those on the left. We are hungry, no moss is growing and we have another vehicle available to us that may be the great equalizer against the incredibly biased main stream media. It is my opinion that the Rise of the Super PAC is a great opportunity for Conservatives to start taking the country back, one district at a time.

What do you think?

This article was first published on January 17th 2011 on my blog site at http://www.derekoberholtzeronline.com