Dead on Arrival

Today Diane Feinstein unveiled her massive plan for gun control to the accolades of the press and the support of Senate democrats.  Republicans, don’t fall for it, it is yet another means to distract you from the real fight, which is the budget and our long term economic health.  Two articles are out today that we should be hammering to the high heavens.  The first is about how the easy money policies of the Fed will actually drive unemployment up and result in more inflation.


To anyone of us who remembers the 1970’s stagflation this is a no brainer.  The second article is about the fact that became official today, which is that we are officially in the worst economic recovery ever.

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-01-24/its-official-worst-recovery-ever  (disclaimer, I have nothing to do with the zerohedge site, just using it as an illustration of a fact based argument)

We now have a recovery that is lagging behind all recoveries in our modern history.  Why?  The policies of our current administration and the way that our Senate is dealing with it.  Don’t let go of this argument.  Be like a dog with its jaws on the leg of your worst enemy, because a bad economy is exactly that.  Whenever, as a republican you are asked about gun control the standard answer should be;

You know, thanks for asking about that and it is a fact of psychology that high unemployment, poor economic performance, and the  uncertain future helps drive fear and anxiety in our people.  The best way to end gun violence is to remove some of the pressures on those in our society that may seek outlets in guns to vent their fears.  Thus our economic plan to create jobs by unleashing American private enterprise is the solution that we all should be searching for.  The efforts by the democratic party to blame guns is like treating cancer with leeches.  Any bill that does not directly address our economy, our multitrillion dollar debts, and our failed energy policies is simply dead on arrival and will not be considered in congress.

Boom.  End of story.  Turn all of their efforts at distraction into a means of focusing on the real issues that are at the heart of our problems today.  The gun issue is a heart string issue.  Humans are emotional creatures.  The democratic party is using the blood of those children in Newton CT as a means to further divide the nation and to distract us from the economy and a failed government and it should be stated in exactly those terms.  Focus on fixing the economy and the government.  There is a reason that our national optimism is at its lowest point since Jimmy Carter bashed a rabbit with a canoe paddle and that should be our singular focus as republicans.


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