Keep your Eyes on the Ball Republicans

Over the next few weeks there is going to be a barrage of new liberal law proposals, press releases, and publicity campaigns. These are designed for one purpose and one purpose alone, that is to distract the republican party from the true playing field, which is the economy and the federal budget fight. Let me give you an example of this from the heart of liberal land.

Oakland California’s budget is an absolute disaster. Neither the mayor or the city council have any idea what to do to fix the problem, so what do the spend their city council meetings debating? They spend their time debating whether or not to add a fifth dog park to the city. At least three city council meetings before the end of the year were consumed with this task. Even in Oakland the people there see this as absurd. So what did the people of Oakland do? Some of the citizens started a new group and started advocacy for a cat park instead of a dog park. Yes, a cat park. Why?

The reason is that they are fighting for a cat park is two fold. The first reason is that the whole idea of wasting time on deciding about a fifth dog park while the city crumbles is offensive. Thus by initiating a fight over the cat park vs the dog park, they help to illustrate the absurdity of the dog park fight. The second reason is that they might just get a cat park out of it for all the people in Oakland who love kitties.

The moral of the story is that our friends the democrats in Washington will do anything possible not to talk about their failure to even pass a budget in three years, the fiscal cliff, or the massive multi-trillion dollar debt. They know that if the fight is about these things that they will lose and the republicans will win. Thus, the entire idea of these other fights, gun control, immigration, climate change, are distractions to keep the republicans from the real fight that is the strength of the republican party.

Just how many articles and how many blog posts have you seen about the budget and how many have you seen about gun control and these other side issues? Bill Clinton once understood that there is only so much air in the room politically in the media and the democrats now know that if they can keep everyone emotionally stirred up about these side issues that no one will get time or energy to talk about the budget. The gun control issue ignites passion but it could be completely stilled by a statement from the Speaker of the House that no gun control legislation will be considered by this session of congress and it would be in the best interest of the nation for the administration do its job to enforce existing laws. This would do two things, first it would turn the pressure off of the legislative process for gun control, calm the nerves of upset conservatives, and turn the journalistic pressure to the administration.

Think about it and keep your eye on the ball, talk about the budget! When ever a congress person is asked about gun control as a means of getting a sound bite and to further that narrative, talk about how fixing the economy will result in fewer incidents of this nature and that is what the congress is focused on and oh by the way did you know that Harry Reid’s Senate has not passed a budget in three years? Why don’t you ask me questions about that Mr. journalist!