Gonna try to make a film

… and you can read about it on my Facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Runaway-Project/154930117857303?v=app_4949752878&ref=ts

I’m planning to produce an educational video that’s going to be called “Runaway!” It’s a narrative story about a slave boy named Blanche who has learned to read and write. He thinks he has it pretty good, even better, his master has promised him emancipation the day he “puts on the wooden overcoat.” That day comes without warning and… well, the title of the video is RUNAWAY! – you ought to be able to figure out the rest.

The project is educational has a red-state sensibility about it and will touch on themes of literacy, slavery, the Underground Railroad, and folklore.  It will be aimed at teens and pre-teens.  Right now, the Facebook page is less about the film story and more about the process I’m going through to go tax exempt and raise the cash.  So if you’re a Facebook user, I’d appreciate a visit to “The Runaway Project” page, and if you can’t hit the “like” button while you’re there, at least offer to friend me.


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