The Movies, Avatar

Me and the missus watched the last half of Avatar this morning, the film that promises to pay James Cameron $350 million.  You remember him, he’s the guy that called the BP engineers morons.  We watched the 2D version  –  it’s intended to be viewed 3D.

Did someone say “what’s it about?”  Well… just imagine.

What would have happened if there were 20,000 indiginous tribal people populating Earth when another, more agressive, tobacco smoking peoples arrived from the sky seeking resources?  And what if the indiginous people were twice as big and more athletic and far more spiritual because the trees and fauna on Earth were all connected in a neural network that made it bigger and more powerful than a brain?  And what if the conciousness of a couple of the sky people could flip flop back and forth between sky-bodies and indiginous-bodies?  And what if the indiginous people, men and women alike, had pony tails that serve as phallic connectors that allow them to commune with Mother Gaia to drive away the sky people after the sky-guy in his indiginous body does the obligatory Knute Rockne slash Woody Guthrie speech ?  (“This land is ours!”  [Cheers from crowd.])  Well.  One thing sure, the outcome would have been different.

Like all great movies, Avatar leaves us with some moral ambiguity.  It seems a bit selfish if not downright churlish for Earth to be set aside and preserved for the benefit a mere 20,000 individuals if an entire life form is left to extermination, after all, only the eco-scientist smoked tobacco.  I came away hoist on the horns of a conundrum.  Isn’t it OK to share the wealth?  To spread it around a little?  Why should so few have so much?

This movie has given me the blues.

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