Jeb? Really?

Dear Fellow Conservatives,

It’s happening again.

With Jeb Bush’s early decision to explore a presidential primary run, conservatives are going to be playing catch-up. In modern day politics, hesitation is a fatal mistake for a candidate.

In the 2008 election, I backed Senator Fred Thompson for President. Fred dilly-dallied around until the summer of ’07 before committing to run. His lackluster campaign fizzled, yet Fred stayed in until after the South Carolina primary, solely to help McCain by taking votes away from Huckabee. What a disappointment.

With a possible 20+ candidates already considering a run, conservatives are in danger of splitting our vote and allowing the moderate establishment wing of the party to control the primaries.

You’ll never guess the name of the first person that Jeb Bush followed on Twitter: Karl Rove. Rove calls Jeb Bush “the deepest thinker on our side.” Rove is the modern money machine of the establishment with his multitude of 527 entities including GPS Crossroads and American Crossroads as well as the Conservative Victory Project Super PAC.

Jeb has the fundraising apparatus of two former Presidents backing him. He also has the star power of his son, George P. Bush, who can raise money not only in Texas but across the country.

My preference right now is Governor Mike Huckabee. He just quit his FoxNews television show, which is a very good sign. Huckabee has the experience and contacts in the primary states needed to fight the moderates.

Huckabee is unapologetically conservative on social issues, and he is a persuasive and articulate candidate.

It would be ideal if conservatives could get together and decide on one candidate to support before it is too late. How about a pre-primary conservative caucus? I, for one, would be delighted if we could all work together and come to an agreement on one candidate.

Texas was left out of the process during the last primary cycle. While that was out of our control, this time we should have a prominent role on March 1, 2016. And many of us have contacts and friends in the earlier primary states.

Let me know your thoughts, and remember, the clock is ticking. The Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary are just one year away in January 2016. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Yours for Conservative Leadership,

Denise McNamara