Obama Fiddles while World Burns

While there are a few of us who are becoming increasingly alarmed, most Americans do not seem worried about the decline of our country. Only a small percentage of eligible voters turn out in elections, and Americans are more concerned with reality TV than with the invasion of Iraq. Worse, the prevailing attitude seems to be that the United States will always be on top, we are invincible, and no matter how bad things get, we will prevail. For those eternal optimists, a history lesson in fallen empires is recommended.
As Obama fiddles (or golfs, campaigns, house-hunts in Palm Springs, and fundraises), the world becomes more dangerous and volatile every day. With two years left in Obama’s term, one wonders if the U.S. is going to survive without an attack from without or implosion from within.
There are two working theories on Obama’s performance: 1) Obama is totally incompetent; or 2) Obama is intentionally ruining our country.
How about a little of both?
Obama was never equipped to become President.  He has taken the Peter Principle to a whole new level. He had no real world experience with an actual job, contributing to his lack of economic common sense. His naiveté regarding foreign policy continues to make the U.S. a laughingstock.
Worse, Obama’s upbringing infused him with an anti-American bias, encouraging a worldview that the United States is an evil colonial power and the rest of the world deserves economic equality with the U.S. His answer to achieving that goal is to destroy our economy, penalize our success, and level the playing field. And he is succeeding. Obama’s own pastor expressed the sentiment, “God damn the USA.” His wife affirmed that she had never been proud of her country.
While all of this was well known before his election, the press still refuses to expose Obama, covering up every gaffe, every blunder, and, most recently, every scandal.
Now, however, crises are reaching a critical mass. This week military leaders are sounding the alarm about ISIS, the new Al Qaeda. Their influence in Syria and conquest of Iraq constitutes a whole new level of terrorist threat to Americans.
Our economy continues to stall and the latest revision downward of the first quarter GDP to -2.9 indicates that we are entering yet another recession. However, in reality we never recovered from the last recession. Obama’s administration massages the numbers, unemployment and inflation are much worse than the reports indicate, and most Americans will tell you that they are not better off today than they were six years ago. And the polar vortex has nothing to do with it.
Politicians seem unable to do anything at all about any of these problems. Obama has flouted the Constitution and ignored the rule of law. Americans distract themselves with mindless entertainment. The zombie apocalypse seems to have begun.
If voters were paying any attention at all, not one single incumbent would be reelected.
So, fellow Americans, we are at a tipping point. What will be the final straw?
(My apologies for rehashing so many obvious problems, but sometimes you just need to vent.)