The Strategy of Surrender, for Now

For some inexplicable reason, Republicans cannot make an effective argument for doing what is right.

Clearly, it is not right to continue increasing our unsustainable debt. Yet today Congress did just that.

Boehner and McConnell have given Obama a “clean” debt ceiling increase without even attempting to negotiate a compromise. Here are the numbers:

As of February 11, 2014
Debt Balance: -$17,324,456,917,866 and counting
Bill to: Future Generations
Debt per Citizen: -$54,563

And the establishment wonders why there are TEA Party challengers?

Rather than basing their votes on whether or not it is wise policy, Republicans now base their votes on the timing of the next election. And how the press will spin it. And how the Democrats will use it against them. Legislation by fear is the rule of the day.

And while it is obvious that strategy is important, it doesn’t seem too big a stretch to vote against more debt; that should be a vote that is easy to explain. Americans will understand this if Republicans make an effort to educate and explain.

Senator Ted Cruz was perfectly reasonable in his strategy to stop the funding for ObamaCare, but other than a few brave souls like Senator Mike Lee, everyone else ran scared and then blamed the shutdown of the government on Cruz.

Now the GOP Leadership is terrified of being blamed once again, so they have surrendered. One thing is clear: One cannot govern in fear. Every one of the incumbent Republicans who is afraid to stand up for fiscal responsibility should resign. Let someone else take the heat. This is our country we are talking about.

Term limits might help; imagine how that could change the atmosphere on Capitol Hill? There would be no need to worry about losing an election once your last term commenced; you would be free to vote your conscience.

In the meantime, please contact your congressman and senators and ask them to stand strong, stop raising the debt ceiling, and get spending under control. And if they can’t take the heat, tell them to get out of the kitchen. It’s not too much to ask.