Cruz: Conservative Courageous Competent Communicator

Senator Cruz has the 4 C’s:

Conservative Courageous Competent Communicator

In order to beat Hillary, Republicans have to focus. We need to rally around the best candidate early. And we have to choose a courageous fighter. He/she must be a conservative who is able to communicate. And the most important quality in this candidate must be competence. When all of these qualities coalesce in one person, boom. That’s the guy. And that is Ted Cruz.
I was not sure about Ted Cruz when he was running for the Senate. It was hard to believe that he was going to be any different from all of the other “conservatives” that we have elected. It’s been six months since Senator Cruz took office, and it appears that I was wrong. Senator Ted Cruz is the ticket – the 2016 Republican ticket.
The last two Republican presidential nominees were lacking in qualities that are essential for a GOP victory. Neither McCain nor Romney was a great communicator, and both were weak in core conservative beliefs. And, most importantly, neither campaign was competent.
Senator Ted Cruz, however, has thus far demonstrated all four essential qualities. In defeating a well-known well-funded statewide office holder in Texas, Cruz obviously ran a competent campaign. During the debates with Dewhurst, Cruz demonstrated excellent communication skills. And since his election to the U.S. Senate, Senator Cruz has repeatedly shown his courage in standing strong for conservative principles.
Originally I had assumed that we would be looking to Senator Marco Rubio as our nominee, but there is now no question in my mind that Senator Ted Cruz is the superior candidate. Republicans cannot afford to nominate another weak candidate. We cannot afford another lukewarm candidate. And we cannot afford another incompetent candidate.
Senator Ted Cruz is the whole package. We’ve lost so many to the pressures of the establishment. Ted Cruz may be our only hope.

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