Pro-Abortion Activists Losing this Texas Battle

The pro-life bill (HB2/SB1) that will be passed in Texas next week is the most pro-women piece of legislation possible. It protects women from botched abortions and regulates clinics to improve standards in women’s health care. Women will still be able to obtain abortions; the abortions will simply be performed with higher standards of care. Abortions will still be legal; they will just be safer. Bravo, #txlege.
Limiting abortions to fetuses that are less than 20 weeks’ gestation is hardly a tough restriction. These fetuses are, despite all protestations to the contrary, babies. No matter what the pro-abortion proponents say, Americans do not favor infanticide. For those who may be uninformed, the horrors exposed in the Gosnell trial demand that late-term abortions be outlawed.
Senator Wendy Davis is being hailed for her continued fight against this upgrade to women’s health care; how is she heroic? She is advocating for substandard care and lax oversight of medical clinics. Pro-abortion activists in the Capitol have lost all semblance of credibility in their war against improved health care. Mobs chanting “Hail Satan” have not helped their cause.
Our pro-life legislators have only to stick to the facts in the legislation to win the public relations war on this issue. Read the text in the bill to make the argument. It’s a win/win for pro-life activists and for all Texas women. Democrats should be #AshamedOfWendy.

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