D.C. Negotiations Resemble WWE Bouts

Can you smell what The Rock Obama has cookin’?  It’s a bad deal for Americans.

As Boehner warns his fellow Republicans to get their  *#$x&%@ in line, and as Harry Reid pronounces the GOP proposal as “dead on arrival,” it is becoming harder and harder to take the antics of our elected representatives seriously.  It’s kind of like professional wrestling, only worse.  Just as in wrestlers’ rants, threats and hyperbole abound.  Especially when they warn that failure to raise the debt ceiling would lead to disaster.  Sorry, but we no longer believe them.  And no one believes that the government will shut down.  According to D.C. insiders, that would lead to Armageddon.  And no politician wants to be blamed for Armageddon!

Why all the drama?  Will the world end on August 2nd if we do not raise the debt ceiling?  Politicians decry the thought of “defaulting on our debt” as if all revenue would end on that day, when it obviously won’t.

The same old small group of D.C. establishment insiders are negotiating behind closed doors to raise the debt ceiling – and it will no doubt be raised as it always has been.  Never mind that our country is continuing to spend our way off a cliff.  Never mind that the recession is ongoing and has never really lifted.

What is distressing is when Republicans such as Senator McCain begin name-calling and belittling those few courageous souls who actually believe that raising the debt ceiling is a bad idea.  McCain labeled them “Hobbits,” just because they want to stop the madness.

What is crazy is that we have elected so many career politicians that the freshmen who pledged to hold the line on spending are being pressured to break their promises.  They’re not Hobbits; they’re heroes.  What is even crazier is that Congress let this situation develop in the first place.  Harry Reid and his Senate have not passed a budget in two years.  What in the *&%$ are they doing in D.C.?  We might as well be watching WWE wrestling.  At least that is entertaining. This is just sad.