Obama Campaign Fraud Allegations Will Not Be Investigated

It looks like the Obama machine is to be given free reign to operate beyond the law–but, I guess that’s not news, is it? During the months leading up to the election, numerous complaints and allegations were filed regarding blatant campaign finance fraud occurring in the Obama campaign with donations from the middle east and other obviously fraudulent sources.
There were people within the FEC who wanted to initiate an audit but were prevented from doing so.

Among numerous other allegations of campaign finance fraud, it was determined that the Obama campaign had deliberately disabled the credit card controls on their website that match the donor name with the credit card being used to pay which opens the possiblity of unlimited illegal and fraudulent sources of campaign funds including illegal foreign donations.

Well, now that the Saul Alinsky/Chicago Machine Politics campaign has successfully placed Obama in the White House, there will be no investigation into any of these charges and allegations. Instead, the FEC will be using our tax dollars to count up and investigate every dime spent by the McCain campaign and every dress purchased for Sarah Palin.

It is becoming more important every day for the Republican Party to fight back and regain it’s strength. They must find ways to counterattack on every thuggish “Rules for Radicals” tactic that was used in this election whether it be voter registration fraud, internet attacks, campaign finance fraud, or any other of the “community organizing” tactics. If not, our next election for president may not be free and open but just a failed attempt at facist regime change.