America- The Sitting Duck

I’ve worked for years in situations that required security clearances and I know how careful we have to be to protect this country but, during the past several months, I’ve come to realize that the presidential campaign season creates a unique situation that puts our national security at risk.

During an election year, politics prevents people from doing their jobs and fulfilling their responsibilities to the American public. Party leadership fails to properly vet candidates because they want to win so badly that they find themselves complicit in covering up the candidates real background. Investigative organizations in the government (FBI, DOJ, etc) fail to initiate investigations of criminal wrongdoing or violations of the constitutional because they are trying to avoid the “appearance” of partisanship. In fact, this year, it is even more dangerous because not only do these organizations not want to appear partisan but they are also terrified of being labeled “racist”.

And the media–one way that citizens usually find out about potential risks to our national security–become blinded by their political bias and fail to report the news. In fact, it’s obvious that the concept of a Manchurian candidate is not such an impossibility after all.

Here are specific examples of how each of these assertions has played out in this year’s election.

  1. Berg vs Obama Lawsuit – Phil Berg, a Philadelphia attorney (Democrat) has filed a lawsuit(http://www.obamacrimes.com) asserting that Sen. Obama is either not a natural born citizen or is, in fact, an Indonesian citizen who forfeited his US citizenship when adopted by his Indonesian step-father as a child. He is asking the court to require Obama and the DNC to provide a “vault” long-form copy of Sen. Obama’s birth certificate and evidence of his US citizenship. By filing for a dismissal in the Berg vs Obama lawsuit instead of producing the legitimate documents asked for, Obama and the DNC are essentially admitting that some or all of Berg’s assertions are true. In other words, after all this time, still no one has seen a full length version of his birth certificate showing in which hospital he was born and verifying that he was, in fact, born in Hawaii. And the media is by and large ignoring this story.

  2. Lack of Vetting – Obama has NEVER been investigated by the FBI or any other governmental agency. The FBI has confirmed that they do not investigate sitting senators before granting them secret clearances. And we certainly know the mainstream media isn’t interested in investigating him. There are, in fact, very few main stream media articles or news references to all his “missing” documents and missing years (http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/09/obamasmissingyears.html).

  3. History of Foreign Campaign Contributions – Obama has received, on several occasions, foreign donations to his campaign. Remember the donations from the Palestinian brothers awhile back? And now, apparently, there is an FEC auditor(http://www.spectator.org/dsparticle.asp?artid=13981) who has been told to turn a blind eye to the 200 million dollars of illegal foreign campaign contributions that have been pouring into the Obama campaign. He is being told that it would be too awkward to start such an investigation so close to the election. I would bet money that this story will not be picked up by any major news media.

  4. History of Corruption – The ties to Chicago corruption, the voter caucus fraud, ACORN, and the list goes on and on. We have no indication that anyone is investigating or doing anything about these allegations.

What is going on here??? It appears that America is a sitting duck for a foreign takeover. Just for argument’s sake, let’s assume that Obama was, in fact, being “sponsored” and supported by entities that are not friendly to the US and/or is not an American citizen as Berg claims. Where in this whole process are the controls and checks/balances and protections in the system?

I feel helpless to do anything about it. I have called DOJ and FBI hotlines and blogged about it but apparently there just doesn’t seem to be enough people who are seriously concerned about the possibility. After watching the recent “sing to the Dear Leader” moment (http://michellemalkin.com/2008/09/30/the-obama-childrens-chorus/)and seeing how similar it looks to another such moment in history, I’m sure that no one in Germany thought there was a problem when Hitler first came to power either….