Democrats Support Mafia

Democrats and the Mafia > http://www.thechicagosyndicate.com/2008/03/chicago-democrats-and-chicago-mob.html

“Barack Obama’s key fund raiser, Tony Rezko, went on trial last week. It’s important to take a broader look at America’s most corrupt large city: Chicago. (We apologize from the outset,some links no longer exist or passages we quote never existed on the web.) Chicago has had a Democratic Mayor since 1931,and today in 2008,49 of 50 Chicago Aldermen are Democrats.This long post is about the Chicago Mob and the Democratic Party machine.Former Alderman Dick Simpson, who’s now a professor at University of Illinois-Chicago, has some disturbing numbers on Chicago and Illinois politicians:”(above quoted from www.thechicagosyndicate.com _ link above)

What’s Obama doing about his own State when gang/mob wars are breaking out? How’s he going to help our country when he can’t even help his own state. Chicago is under “Martial Law” and it will only get worse having a Chicago Senator for President. = less freedom and more taxes to pay for it.


More Martial Law will be imposed due to people leaning on Obama for relief from their mistreatment because of color and that will only start more war. That will fuel the war overseas and make us more vulnerable.

Sen. McCain is the only choice for freedom and peace. He will get the reins on this war and not fuel more wars within and outside our country.