Mr President, YOU didn't build this ...

My brain has been digesting the “You didn’t build that” comment made by our president.  The thought has been percolating for a little while, so I have refrained from commenting.  You see, some of  my business was built using SBA dollars.  I am a retired enlisted military service member, and the “Patriot Express” program was made with people like me in mind.  I am not proud of using the program, as I don’t even feel right receiving ‘government’ money in my earned retirement check.  Someday, if my business is a success, I plan on donating all of my retirement to several charities.  So, the government did help me with money.  Disclaimer complete.

The thing that Mr Obama seems to forget is, he didn’t build the government, We did.  All of his success is built on our backs.  The accomplishments he has enjoyed would never be possible without the government We, the People, built for him.

He forgets that, without our toil, our sweat, and our blood,  he would be nothing.  Without citizen votes he would not be in the position he now holds.

He speaks of roads and bridges and infrastructure and “somebody else made that happen.”

He is wrong.

We built those things.  I have built them, since the day I paid my first federal income tax.  Were my hands on the shovel?  Did I drive the forklifts and mine the gravel, and did I produce the asphalt?


I provided the money, I served to protect the nation and the people that did.  I sacrificed, just like every American that pays taxes, for those things to happen.

Our government did not build this country.  It did not build the roads, it didn’t build the bridges, or the factories or the Wal-Mart or the locally-owned video game store.

We built those things, just as We built and maintained this nation through wars and depressions, recessions and turmoil, and We will continue to do those things.

You didn’t build those things, Mr President, We the People made that happen.