One billion Dollars

Guest Post By:  Rose Izzo
Candidate for Delaware’s lone Congressional Seat

Today, I am going to tell you a story of heroes who came to the rescue when a damsel was in distress. Ukraine, the princess of a foreign land was struggling to overcome her financial affairs, particularly regarding the upcoming national elections of her land. Fortunately, the United States has volunteered to assist in her troubles.

Surely, such Knights in shining armor could not allow the damsel to distress any longer. Knights, John Carney and Chris Coons, who hail from Delaware, a small wonder in America, rushed to the Ukraine’s aid by voting to ensure that they will receive the necessary funding for their presidential elections. By offering this One Billion Dollar apple, so to speak, the Washington snakes dangle the fruit in front of the Ukraine and inform them of the conditions that they should abide by in order to receive the funding. The money is no kind gesture; looks are always deceiving. These supposed heroic figures have a different agenda in mind. The offer to “donate” $1 billion, courtesy of the American tax payers, is to buy a safety net for their own use. $1 billion will go two ways; it will help the Ukraine by funding a national election and it will buy the winner of the election. If Ukraine takes a bite of this poisoned apple, they must fix the election for Petro Olekseyevich Poroshenko’s win as an uncertain promise that no war will break between countries.

How generous of Representative Carney and Senator Coons to assist in ensuring the aid of Ukraine by contributing one billion dollars to help with their financial struggles when their land is destitute. Currently, the United States is in economic turmoil, with a national debt of over $17 Trillion. But, what’s $1 billion to the blind citizens of America’s tax money, who haven’t a clue where their hard earned money actually is going.

Knights in shining armor are often portrayed as heroes, but nobody ever said that they had a standard IQ. Thank goodness for book smarts, but when it comes to common sense, they are surely lacking. So yes, what value is a $1 billion gift to a foreign land when our country cannot pay its own financial obligations. I guess that is where the bright idea to raise the national debt ceiling came in! As America continues to dig its financial grave, can America always be so willing to give money away to a foreign government for their elections. Ukraine is a  country that has a long history of corruption and mismanagement. Enjoy the contributions from our hard, working American citizens, Ukraine.

With our own elections quickly approaching in Delaware, I hope that voters will not be fooled by these so called Knights in shining armor, be it Republican or Democrat, please take this advice from me.

Remember these insightful words from Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Gilligan’s Island parody:

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be, do not forget; stay out of debt…”

As U.S. Congressional candidate, I commit myself to protecting my own constituents before throwing away money to support another country.

Rose Izzo for U.S. Congress