Rose Izzo, GOP Candidate for Delaware's Lone Congressional Seat Receives Major Endorsement


The Rose Izzo for Congress campaign in Delaware today announced that national Tea Party leader Michael Johns, a former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst, has endorsed Rose Izzo for Congress in Delaware’s statewide Congressional primary and general election to be held September 9 and November 4, respectively.

The Izzo campaign today released the following statement from Michael Johns:

“Like many other elections across the nation this year, Delaware’s Congressional race is a referendum on the status quo.  If you believe America needs change: economic growth, job creation, tax relief, and a defense of our Constitutional freedoms, Rose Izzo needs to be in the United States Congress.

I have watched Rose Izzo in action.  She is a passionate, compassionate, communicative and principled leader who will defend America’s freedoms while keeping the best interests of Delaware at the forefront of her thinking and action.  She has many of the characteristics of an outstanding leader: She cares about people, she understands the complex and serious challenges facing our nation, and she is committed to public service and the well-being of our great nation.

John Carney, on the other hand, is an unacceptable vote for more of the same. He will continue to serve as a pawn of the Obama administration as opposed to serving the people of Delaware.  He will continue to support high taxes, Obamacare and the federal control of our health care system, and the ongoing erosion of our Constitutional liberties.  Neither Delaware nor America can afford another term of that.”

Michael Johns, one of the founders of the U.S Tea Party movement and one of its national leaders, is a health care executive and former White House speechwriter, United States Senate aide and Heritage Foundation policy analyst.

Izzo is the Republican candidate for the At-Large Congressional District of Delaware.  For more information of her campaign, visit the Rose Izzo for Congress website at:  http://www.roseizzoforcongress.com/

With permission of Michael Johns