The Police Shooting of Michael Rogers, An Interview With His Mother

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Before I start, Mrs Rogers stated that she has nothing against the state police; Her father, George Tidwell was Captain of DSP Troop 4 in Georgetown Delaware in the 1950’s

When I arrived at the house of Michael Rogers, a rural Georgetown Delaware address on Deep Branch Rd, I thought what a nice quiet country setting, nothing could destroy this peaceful setting. I was wrong!

On August 1st, a 53 year-old Master Mason, (brick) Michael Rogers was sleeping at his home around 10pm when a knock came at the door. His mother Lorraine 87, opened the door to Delaware State Police Officer, Matthew Morgan, a three year veteran of the force. He requested to speak to her son Michael, about an alleged hit and run on a parked car in Millsboro DE, earlier in the day.

Mrs. Rogers states that her son stuck his head out of the doorway and told the trooper to wait until he put his pants on. She admits her son had been drinking but was in bed when Morgan arrived. Mrs. Rogers further states that Morgan followed Michael into his room where a wrestling match broke out and the two were wrestling half-on and half-off of the bed, with the trooper in a headlock. “The officer looked at me and said, help me,” Mrs. Rogers stated. There was an attempt to use a taser on Michael Rogers before the fight ensued but the stun weapon failed to operate correctly.

Michael Rogers released Morgan from the headlock and the officer went into the kitchen. Morgan was then standing with his gun pointed at Rogers and his 87 year-old mother Lorraine. Michael then said, “don’t you shoot my mother,” said Mrs Rogers.

DSP Officer Matthew Morgan then opened fire emptying his clip of nine rounds, striking Michael Rogers five times, twice in the groin. Mrs Rogers states Morgan shot while his face was in a “dead stare.” “I couldn’t believe what was happening,” she said.

Mrs. Rogers stated, at no time did her son put the officers life in danger. “My son was not armed and doesn’t own a gun or even carry a knife. Michael walked into the living room angry and flipped the coffee table up, then never touched it again. He never intended to use the coffee table as a weapon and was just angry,” she said. Mrs. Rogers further stated that Morgan had plenty of time to call for backup before shooting Michael.

In her opinion, Mrs Rogers believes that the officer had no cause to shoot Michael, “he was just standing there,” she said. “He (Morgan) just let his temper get away with him. He was a small guy and was embarrassed that Michael got the best of him in the wrestling match. He suddenly released a barrage of bullets and it scared me.”

After an inspection of the car that Rogers had been driving, the only damage I found was a small scratch on the plastic left rear bumper. It has been reported, an ornament that encased the front license plate on the alleged parked car was damaged.

Mrs . Rogers stated that she has been called by defense attorneys from Delaware and out-of-state, I suggested that she choose a great attorney from out of state. There is no record of Michael Rogers being charged with a hit and run accident. Mr. Rogers is now being held at Sussex Correctional Institution in lieu of $9,500 secured bond. He has been charged with with second-degree assault on a police officer and resisting arrest with force or violence. Both of these alleged offenses are felonies.

Mrs Rogers’ home was still being remodeled from the damage caused by the incident and the amount of blood that had to be removed.

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