America's Political Abyss

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In today’s world of political intrigue and multiple pseudo personalities, lurking behind every crevice of unforeseen gain, is party affiliation really a factor?

Long gone are the days of simple ideological thought where right or wrong are simply defined. The global complexity of multiple hegemonic power grabs and local powerful personalities have muddied the waters of clear thought and twisted the reality of right and wrong.

A world moves closer to a political abyss where right or wrong does not exist and defies definition, but instead are standardized by the machinations of powerful madmen who seek only power and personal gain by feeding a false sense of political candy to the hungry mouths of an eager and waiting populace who want something for nothing.

America hangs in limbo, waiting for a leader to emerge from the Republic’s heart as a savior, but finds no satisfaction in its choices. Former ideological truths are cast by the wayside for a sad satire of reality, while confession of a higher power is on the lips of the new Socialist movement, to reassure their own place in the after-life. A false sense of security is to be easily had, while praising their own gains of perversion.

False philosophies and arrogance are proferred froth by a corrupt government in anticipation of name recognition but their emptiness is their apparent and just reward.

The sad emptiness in America reminds us of our forefathers sacrifice to provide and secure our freedom, but we are held captive by an evil administration and have deemed ourselves powerless to halt the downward spiral of our weakness, to secure our future. Will America’s conscience awaken the goodness within its people in time, or has darkness filled the land?

There is a greater truth, but America’s people are held in limbo by their own inner prisons and lack of a sense of reality. The raw courage of America’s birth, although heralded by patriots has eluded the masses who are driven with the mentality of an entitlement philosophy.

Will America wait until Armageddon is at the door to rise up and take back their great republic or will they fall as did other great civilizations?

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