Delaware's Senator Carper Proposes 25 Cent national Gasoline Tax

Delaware Citizens are outraged at the thought of US Senator Tom Carper’s proposal to raise the national gas tax by twenty-five cents. Carper the author of the now famous phrase, “your job is the row the boat, MY JOB is to steer!” He is the lead supporter of the Delaware Fisker folly, a plant in Northern Delaware that stands empty after the expenditure of over 250 million dollars, that has yet to produce and sell a single car.
Carper’s Career politician veneer is in stark contrast to his opponent, Conservative Republican Kevin Wade, who is an electrical engineer that has his origins in his humble beginnings by growing up in poverty, working in a steel mill to earn a degree from the University of Delaware in electrical engineering. He started his business, a small specialty engineering firm on his kitchen table thirty years ago. He travels the globe to work with diverse corporations solving problems that increases the effectiveness of their companies.
Wade proposes to open federal lands to American oil production by American workers with the oil staying in America. He proposes collecting a $15 a barrel royalty over the next fifty years on a billion plus barrels to pay down our national debt, that will stop the economic slavery of future generations.
Carper in stark contrast is now pushing a twenty-five cent a gallon tax on the American consumer that would not be paid on our national debt. Carper suggests the solution to the Postal Service failure, the use offshore wind turbines, charging electrically powered delivery vans to deliver mail. Carper is a prototypical career politician who is grasping at straws, while the sentiments of the American people has moved in a different direction.
Colorful eccentric bomb-slinging Independent Candidate Alex Pires, a class-action wealthy attorney and longtime donor to the Democratic party has entered the race as a third candidate with a splash, attacking both Wade and Carper. Pires has yet to explain exactly what his platform represents, while throwing verbal bombs at his opponents. Pires has endorsed Delaware’s Democratic Governor Jack Markell and supports pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion and is an advocate of more entitlement programs that favor minorities. Pires has savaged Carper for insider trading and being a guaranteed vote in the Senate for the big banks. He has accused Carper of distorting his military record, spousal abuse and hiding a terminal health condition.
Wade is clearly the choice that Delaware Independents and Republicans want to lead them for the next six years in the U.S. Senate. He is a problem solver that will earn respect in the Senate and act as a catalyst for Republican Conservatives. Being a Delaware resident, I look forward to Mr. Wade representing Delaware in the U.S. Senate and taking America to the next level.

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