Delaware's Kevin Wade Mounts Powerful Senatorial Campaign Against Democratic Incumbent Tom Carper

Kevin Wade, the Conservative Republican Candidate from Delaware has mounted a powerful campaign for the U.S. Senate Seat against Democratic Incumbent Senator, Tom Carper.

Wade an electrical engineer and small businessman by trade, had his beginnings working in a steel mill after graduating from high school. He took courses to become an electrical engineer. “I went to college when I wasn’t working in the mill,” said Wade, “I began to get a firm foothold on this idea of the ladder of Success.”

Wade started his business on his kitchen table at the age of 29 and continued to run the electrical engineering firm for years working for the some of the largest firms as well as start-up firms. “We treat all with respect and we work hard for every penny we earn. We are known for solving problems and getting things done,” said Wade.

Wade appears to be at the right place at the right time with the right message, according to most Delawareans who are not happy with the antics and voting record of his opponent, Liberal Democrat Tom Carper.

Wade poses serious questions for the American public, such as: How do we maintain our own security with an economy so shattered and weak that we don’t have the revenue to pay our own soldiers. Wade’s vision for our children and grandchildren’s future is a main concern of his candidacy. He states in one of his written pieces, “now they (Washington Bureaucrats) look beyond us, to our children and our grandchildren as Washington’s mountain of debt threatens our children’s birthright to live an American life. We won’t give up our children into Washington’s hands to work as their debt-slaves for the next hundred years.

“Washington took what it never owned. Washington took what it never earned. Washington destroyed what it never built. You and I did not break this country, Washington and its self-serving politicians did,” Wade commented in a written article. “Today, the federal government’s debt is over $15 trillion. It is greater than everything everyone in the country can produce in a year. Now, they are demanding that even more debt be piled on our backs.”

Wade’s straight-forward approach to America’s problems and the seemingly simple solutions is refreshing to Delaware’s citizens and should also excite America’s rank-and-file blue collar workers as well as the professional class.

Watching Wade as he campaigns before Delaware’s citizens in this small state and raising the passion of the voting citizens has been inspiring and gratifying. “I am not a career politician; I support a “Term Limit” amendment. I will term limit myself. I will serve two terms and no more. I am going there to fix the problems, not to become the problem. We already have that,” states wade.

Wade is pro-life and states quite simply, “I will respect and protect life, from the moment of conception to the last natural breath. The measure of any just society, is the willingness of the strong to protect the weak. We are called to stand in harm’s way to protect the most vulnerable and the most innocent,” stated Wade in recent written comments.

“We will make a complete overhaul of the Federal Tax Code. I have learned while speaking across this state, that everyone, left, right and center has no confidence that the present tax code is fair. We will reduce the bloated size of government and find a structure that works efficiently and effectively to serve the essential needs of the people. We will produce American oil and gas with American workers to supply American consumers. We will restore a healthy and proper focus on the family, with a mom and dad raising their children according to the values taught in the home as essential building blocks of any good strong and just nation.”

As I‘ve seen and listen to Kevin Wade campaign among Delaware’s citizens, I’ve seen all Republicans, most Independents and amazingly many Democrats rally to his cause. The tide is turning in Delaware and I hope, also in the nation as strong Republican candidates such as Kevin Wade toss their hats into the 2012 election, with the goal of making a significant change and bringing real hope and change to a nation on the brink of disaster.