"Troublemaker" Christine O'Donnell's Unfinished Journey

O’Donnell’s new Book, “Troublemaker,” is an eye opening expose of both the Delaware GOP political process and Christine O’Donnell’s traditional close-knit family values and is written in an honest and heartfelt manner that reflects her family values and how these values gave her tenacity and steadfastness, enabling her to win the 2010 senatorial primary against a seemingly unbeatable Delaware political icon.

O’Donnell relates her early family life, while reflecting on the Christian family values that led her to becoming a pro-life advocate as well as a strong advocate of Constitutional and Grass Root values. Her life as a young professional in communications and media which eventually led to her entry into politics are all explained from an eloquently charming point of view. She describes her time working in Washington DC and other experiences that led her to be an advocate for the pro-life cause and eventually Delaware’s three-time senatorial candidate.

The reader can easily follow along as Christine chronicles her initiation into Delaware politics in the 2006 U.S. Senatorial Race, until her astonishing victory against Mike Castle in the 2010 senatorial primary. She reveals details of the, “dirty tricks” perpetrated by both the Castle campaign and the Delaware GOP led by Chairman, Tom Ross. Christine is led by an intense desire to change a system in Delaware that caters to those favored few at the top of the pile, while disregarding the rank and file republicans, except when they need something.

Christine describes her lack of support by Tom Ross and the Delaware GOP after winning the 2010 primary with details that would astound the republican voter. She talks about her betrayal by Karl Rove and Bill Maher during campaign and reveals the intricacies of running for a U.S. senate position. She easily relates the tremendous emotional stress that the entire inner circle of her campaign dealt with as she was attacked by both her own party and the democrats. O’Donnell writes on page 172:

“The exciting thing about the 2008 campaign was that we were out in front of an exciting new movement. People who had never taken part in the political process were standing up and joining us, but the party elite acted like they would have much preferred it if these folks remained on the sidelines.
the state GOP didn’t lift a finger to help our campaign–kind of odd, don’t you think? I mean, here I’d been dutifully nominated by party delegates at our state convention, I had no primary challenger and there was an infrastructure in place that would have been an enormous help in getting our message out across the state, but it felt to us in the trenches as if our state officials were sitting this one out.”

The reader will easily understand what drives Christine to fight against the odds and run for a position that can obviously change the political landscape in Delaware and make such a difference at the national level. I won’t quote anything from the 2010 primary and general election. You will have to read the book for yourself.

O’Donnell’s honesty and candor is obvious as she relates to her constituents, learning of the enormous difficulties people face every day in a failing economy. She interacts with her many supporters and constituents on a daily basis about the issues that face Delawarean’s in all walks of life.

O’Donnell is a grass roots candidate that comes from a middle class family that worked hard for everything they had. She understands the working class and advocates for the rights of all her constituents, over the interests of the bureaucracy. The appendices of “Troublemaker,” include both the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

This book is a “must read,” for all who want something more from American politics, both at the national level and the local level, and have hope that the political situation can change. It is now on sale at all major book stores.

The reason for the headline, “Troublemaker” Christine’s Uncompleted Journey,” is that I believe that O’Donnell has had an enormous impact on the conservative movement, both nationally and locally and I believe that her journey is not over. This will become apparent to the reader as they become engrossed in this, “page turner.”
I will end this review by calling on Christine not to end her quest for elected office. I believe that once elected, her voice must and will be heard.

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