Delaware Republicans' Ideological Battle Still Rages

Within Delaware’s Republican Party lies an ideologically deeply split party. The GOP statewide office elections, at the State Convention in April did nothing to quell the open dislike between the Republican Tea Party Conservatives and the Republican Moderates or RINOS.
As some of you know, I ran for the state Chairman’s position against opponent John Sigler, a former NRA Chairman and Kent County lawyer. The wealthy Blueblood Castle Republicans stacked the deck from the beginning. About halfway through the campaign, I terminated my candidacy for the chairman’s position and filed with the State GOP, for the position of Vice chairman. Just before the election, the moderates that control New Castle County and hold the bulk of the delegates, pressured Greg Lavelle, the State House Minority Leader to “cockblock,” my candidacy by running against me for the Vice Chairman’s Position. Delaware has 345 delegates at its convention and I only received 63 votes but made a loud statement. My treatment at the convention, by the Moderate GOP faction angered the conservatives of Sussex County who have just recently gained another State Representative Seat and Senate seat due to the population shift from north to south. (we have the pristine beaches that the moderates covet)
In Conservative Sussex County, we had elections and replaced Moderate Chairman, Ron Sams with former Conservative US Congressional Candidate, Glen Urquhart. Most of the Elective District Chairpersons (Precinct Captains) are Conservative also. We have united and consolidated our power in Sussex County and also gained more delegates at the convention with about 100 delegates for just one county.
This caused a much deeper underlying split that oozes like and open wound, within Delaware’s GOP. If the RINOS want to play ball, they will have to sit at the table like gentlemen and stop their backroom deals because the conservative movement in Delaware is only accelerating.
Everybody is preaching unity, while plotting the downfall of their adversaries with opposing ideologies. In short, it’s a mess that won’t heal no matter how much salve is applied to the wound. Although the conservative movement is a much stronger force to be reckoned with, neither the moderates or the conservatives have enough power by themselves to elect statewide candidates. These candidates include: Governor, Lt. Governor, Insurance Commissioner, Auditor US Congressman and US Senate.
Whether or not some meeting of minds takes place before the election cycle begins, is anybody’s guess but right now its a huge mess that keeps festering.