Delaware GOP Chairman, Tom Ross to Speak before The Sussex County GOP

The last three monthly meetings at Sussex County’s GOP have ended in chaos, with Delaware’s GOP Chairman, Tom Ross being censured at November’s meeting.  The last meeting on January 10th was so chaotic that when County Chairman Ron Sams made a motion to adjourn without any business being conducted that a loud cry of NO shattered the room.  Sams shut off the lights to the room without adjourning the meeting, angering the entire committee.

Ron Sams decided to leave town under the auspices of taking a vacation and Vice Chairman Brian Shupe has refrained from attending, claim of being occupied with family matters.  Tom Ross has been invited to speak to the Sussex County Committee on February 16th, amid cries for his resignation.  “To invite Tom Ross to the Sussex County Gop Meeting at this time, is not only unwise but incendiary,” one committeeman who didn’t want to be identified said.

Sussex County Committeeman Donald Ayotte filed to contest Ross’ claim for his seat at the Delaware Republican Convention on April 30th, at the Convention Center at Dover Downs.  Only the Delaware Committee will be voting for their Chairman.  “If I’m elected, I think that the entire republican body in Delaware should vote for their chairman,” said Ayotte.  One important factor in the mix, is that Delaware is a small state and has only three counties.  While Sussex County is by far the largest geographically, the Northern County of New Castle is the largest in population and is heavily democratic.

Currently there are about 365 committee members in Delaware and it is thought that the big money people that were backing Mike Castle for the US Senate Seat loaded the vote towards the candidate that would cater to their needs.  At the 2010 State Republican Convention the Delaware committee Chose Michele Rollins to run for the US Congress and Mike Castle to run for the US Senate.  Christine O’Donnell primaried Mike Castle and won.  Glen Urquhart primaried Michele Rollins and won.  Both Rollins and Urquhart are fiscal and social conservatives.  Claims have been made that the Delaware State Chairman failed to support either of them properly and there has been turmoil ever since.

The question remains, should 365 people decide who is running for these elected positions, or should the primary winners, selected by the rank and file republicans take precedence.  Delaware state law says the primary will decide who is the candidate.

Now a raging battle is taking place in Delaware, especially in conservative Sussex County to remove Rom Sams as Sussex County Chairman, with Sussex County conservatives backing Donald Ayotte in the election for State Chairman on April 30th.

From what I am hearing in Sussex County, it will be extremely incendiary for Tom Ross to address the Sussex County Council Meeting on February 16th.  Most local elected officials have decided to play politics and stay out of the mess.  I sure they will take sides with the winners