Explaining Delaware's Political Demographics

I was asked the question.  What do you think is the best type of candidate to run statewide in Delaware?  Of course, I knew the answer immediately but wanted to give it some clear thought.

I will start by explaining the state’s political demographics.  Delaware consists of three counties.  New Castle County is the northern most county and by far the most heavily populated and is very liberal and includes the cities of Wilmington and Newark, which is the home of the University of Delaware, my alma mater.  The middle county is Kent, which includes the city of Dover, Delaware’s Capital,  the home of Dover Air Force Base, a Military Airlift Command.  Kent County is conservative and has generally voted conservative.  The southern county is Sussex County with no cities.  It’s capital is the Town Georgetown and except for its beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, it is a agricultural community.  Sussex County is very conservative and votes conservative.  Even the registered democrats in Sussex County are mostly conservative.

My answer to the question posed in the first paragraph is that a moderate conservative would not have a difficult time winning a statewide election in Delaware.  This type of candidate could attract most of the republican votes, a good number of Independents and more than a few soft democrats.

Glen Urquhart was the 2010 Conservative Republican candidate for the US House Seat and could have possibly won if it were not for Christine O’Donnell who was at the top of the ticket, running for the US Senate Seat.  Her Primary win, defeating RINO Mike Castle so infuriated moderate republicans within the state, including State GOP Chairman Tom Ross that most of them refused to vote for her, some of them instead voted for the Marxist Chris Coons.  This brought the Delaware Republican Ticket down, trickling to the State House and Senate Seats.

As a republican conservative, I liked O’Donnell immensely but she was unelectable for several reasons.  First the Delaware GOP failed to immediately endorse and support her and pundits like Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer abandoned her.  Secondly, the moderate conservative republicans in New Castle County were angered and would not vote for her.  Thirdly, she made so many gaffes in media interviews and talk radio shows, that she could not recover.

Our party is in shambles and we must work hard to reorganize before any respectable candidate will think of running for statewide office.  We must first get rid of Delaware GOP Chairman, Tom Ross and help everybody build the structure within their individual districts.  This will be a difficult task.

As a committeeman, I introduced a resolution to the floor of the Sussex County Committee censuring GOP Chairman Tom Ross for his behavior during the election and it passed by a 95 percent verbal vote, and it stands.

The type of person that we need to fill the state chairman’s job will require these qualities to be successful.  This person must be a hard-charger and a powerful self-starter, must possess exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and have strong leadership capabilities.  It is not required that this person “walk on water,” but it might help.

I write this post not to point out Delaware’s political problems but to become the beginning of the answer and start the reorganization process.

A nation can only be disgraced by the failure of its citizenry to take action in the face of tyranny!

Don Ayotte Nov. 2010