Delaware GOP Chairman Tom Ross Censured

Wednesday night’s Sussex County GOP monthly meeting was packed with expectation, with a standing room only crowd.  News had leaked out that Committeeman Donald Ayotte would introduce a resolution to censure Delaware GOP Chairman Tom Ross.

Mr. Chairman

I make a motion to censure State GOP Chairman, Tom Ross for making inappropriate statements and failing to immediately endorse and fully support a lawfully elected republican candidate for the US Senate,  Inappropriate statements include, “she couldn’t be elected dogcatcher,” when speaking about US Senate Candidate, Christine O’Donnell.  Tom Ross fails to represent the will of the rank and file republicans in Delaware.”

More than a few people seconded the motion, and the crowd broke out into temporary chaos.  After an hour of debate and opinion, the motion was passed by a 95 percent vote.

There were many reasons that O’Donnell lost by 16 percentage points and Tom Ross’ non-support was only one of them.  Many republicans believed that this was inappropriate behavior on the part of the chairman and I was one of them.  We wanted to have proper leadership to lead us into the 2012 election.  We felt we needed a hard-charger to take the lead and rebuild the party.  Like any CEO, when he failed to perform his Job to the satisfaction of those who elected him, his job was on the line.