Why O'Donnell's Sudden Rise

When looking at the title as a question, from the eyes of a standard campaign manager, it doesn’t make sense.  To find a reasonable answer to this question, one must look into the depths of America’s boiling political cauldron.

The sudden downfall of the economy and the current administration’s inability to stop the downward spiral of job loss, first among the blue collar working class then the white collar workers has caused Americans to loose any confidence they had in this governments ability to solve problems.

The “throw out all incumbents,” attitude has been replaced with a smarter and much more sophisticated American voter. People I know have learned how to look at the voting records of all their legislators, both local and at the national level. Now the attitude that I have seen, especially in Delaware, is that it doesn’t matter what comes out of a politician’s mouth, just look up their voting record and vote accordingly.

“I don’t care what O’Donnell’s baggage is,” one Delaware resident told me, while demanding anonymity, “she is a patriot that wants to help take back our country and she will read a bill before voting on it.” Who can argue with that logic?

Another Delawarean stated quite confidently that when the left wing media intensified their attack on O’Donnell after the October 13 debate at Newark’s University of Delaware Campus, that she cut the democratic lead in half. “I hope they keep attacking her,” he told me, while giving a slight chuckle, “We’ll be ahead in the polls by the time the election gets here.”

I must admit that the two moderators, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Local News Anchor, Nancy Karibjanian’s performance was one of the most biased debates that I have viewed for quite a while. It infuriated most Delawareans and caused a backlash of support that translated in the Rasmussen polls to a tidy pickup for O’Donnell in percentage points.

O’Donnell came from behind to defeat heavily entrenched Republican Congressman, Mike Castle in a September 14 primary upset that rocked both Delaware and the nation. O’Donnell’s history of coming from behind at the last minute has Delaware Republicans, angry at the left-wing media’s attempt to destroy her in a nationally televised debate. Then there is the fact that O’Donnell has that natural star quality that has shown up in other politicians. Some Delawarean’s are starting to consider O’Donnell as the East Coast’s Sarah Palin.  “She’s not perfect, but who is, and she is a winner,” a woman who attended the University of Delaware debate said.

There is no easy answer to why O’Donnell’s sudden rise in popularity has Delaware’s Republicans, Independents and soft Democrats mesmerized. One of the top answers that I received from working class voters in Delaware was that they are simply scared that the jobs won’t come back and when the extended unemployment runs out, the foreclosure rate on homes will dramatically rise. They know that O’Donnell is a Christian conservative and even the liberals in Delaware are giving her candidacy credibility. It is a matter of record that her democratic opponent, New Castle County Executive, Chris Coons has raised property taxes in that county by 53 percent during his tenure in that position. The liberal base in Delaware is definitely concerned when the President comes to Delaware to campaign for Coons.

Of all of the intangible affects on the voter public, O’Donnell offers hope of real change and she campaigns on the issues. Americans don’t expect that change will happen immediately but they are geared up to change their country one legislator at a time. “We just want to take back our state and our country. I am not just one vote”, one man at her primary victory said, “I am one vote more.”

Whatever the combination of factors are, that has caused her to become the rising star of Delaware, O’Donnell has become a steamrolling force that is gaining speed. Excitement in Delaware is at an unstoppable mode. When she enters, people rush to get her autograph on a piece of campaign literature that contains her picture. All I can say is that the president is correct to be concerned.