Delaware's Democratic Backlash

Christine O’Donnell’s win in the Delaware Primaries on September 14th, brought an immediate onslaught of democratic opposition that would make any conservative’s stomach turn.  Pandemonium broke out as the last results were released on that Tuesday evening  Several minutes later, Christine approached the stage for her victory speech, every media photographer with a camera was packed in front of the stage with shocked looks on their faces.

Since September 14th, her opponents, with their bile running high have distorted the truth and accused her of everything except the Holocaust.  The latest witchcraft allegations are laughable to most Delaware voters.  They give no credence to those charges and it has only strengthened her support base.  Christine’s record, although not perfect, is thought to be acceptable for the Delaware voters.  Many have said that whatever her baggage is, they can live with it.  “It is the issues,” one man told me at the post primary victory party.  “Christine believes in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and she is a real conservative.”

While Delawareans listen to main stream national media adamantly, they know it is their responsibility to vote for the person they want to represent them.  Many Independents in Delaware feel that the alternative to O’Donnell, is totally unacceptable.  Her Democratic opponent, Chris Coon is an admitted Marxist Who has raise taxes in his position as New Castle County Executive, wrote an article titled, “The Making of a Bearded Marxist.”   At 21, about to graduate from Amherst College Coons had changed from a conservative college student who worked for Senator Bill Roth to an ardent Marxist.

In this senatorial race, the choice is clear, with no gray areas.  We will either elect Christine O’Donnell who will represent a conservative agenda, or Chris Coon, who will promote a Marxist agenda but this choice is up to Delaware’s voters, of which I am included.  We will fight hard and win at the ballot box.