Democrats Actually Admit to a Mistake

Democrats admit they “need a new game plan” for the 2010 elections. Their Blame-Bush strategy has clearly failed. It worked great in ’06 and ’08, but Americans are now ready for a little accountability. That’s bad news for liberals who hold a sneering distain for accountability. It’s also bad news for their mystified campaign consultants who are scratching their heads in confusion. Back to the drawing boards for them. They will actually have to come up with a plan that doesn’t include the words “previous eight years.”


This will be no small task for those poor strategerists who’ve banked on wringing a few more elections out of the Blame-Bush approach. After all, Democrats successfully ran against Herbert Hoover for 30 years.


Steve Hildebrand, who worked on Obama’s presidential campaign openly admits:

“Voters are pretty tired of the blame game…[w]hat a stupid strategy that was.”

It’s a bit amusing to hear these sputtering concessions. To them, one year of peddling unpopular healthcare reform, stimulus packages that didn’t stimulate, broken promises of transparency, and back room bribery are not the problem. It must be that the American people are just too stupid, ill-informed or amnesic to “get” the message that all problems in the world are the fault of George W. Bush and the eeevil Republicans

I can’t wait to see what new tactics they trot out this year. If they can no longer effectively run against Bush, they’ll likely try the old “party of no” routine. But considering the unpopularity of all recent Democrat policies, I don’t think that line will help them much.