Economic Stimulus Created or Saved at Least 2 Million Liberals

Here we go again.  Last night the White House released another self-congratulatory report boasting new “jobs created or saved” numbers.  This quarter the number is “between 1.7 and 2 million” jobs.  In the Grand Experiment known as counting the “jobs created or saved” by the economic stimulus plan, the Grand Experiment Schemers have concocted yet another way to count the bogus jobs. 


This quarter’s numbers, unlike last quarter’s, are not based on phony reports of jobs created in fake congressional districts around the country — Americans didn’t buy that claptrap.  THIS time the numbers are conveniently based on “macroeconomic estimates.” 


But hold onto your shorts because NEXT quarter they’re going to try something even better.  The White House has announced a brand new way to tally jobs.  Now, if a company who has received stimulus money doesn’t quite know how to estimate a job saved, they are to simply report all their employees as having a saved job, whether they would have been laid off or not.  Brilliant.  That ought to boost those fraudulent numbers quite a bit. 


In the meantime, unemployment holds steady at a whopping 10 percent.