In lieu of Waterboarding, Panty Bomber is Offered a Cookie for Information

Instead of interrogating the Christmas day would-be bomber and trying him in a military tribunal, the Obama administration has decided to use a kinder, gentler approach.  They will try Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (a.k.a. Captain Underpants) in civilian court. 


It is interesting to note that the Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh can get the Obama administration’s knickers in a knot merely by espousing conservative thought.  However, when it comes to the Panty Bomber, and other terrorists who seek to kill innocent Americans, Obama is as cool as a spring breeze.


Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian with ties to al-Qaeda, snuck bomb-making materials aboard an Amsterdam to Detroit flight by concealing them in the crotch of his girlie pants.  After his arrest he was talking freely to his captors — until, of course, the Obama administration informed him that he had the right to remain silent.  Now he is lawyered up, and not saying a word.


The best part is President Obama’s chief counterterrorism adviser, John O. Brennan admitted on “Meet the Press” that the administration would be pursuing a plea agreement with the terrorist.


“A lot of people…understand what they’re facing, and their lawyers recognize that there is advantage to talking to us in terms of plea agreements, [and] we’re going to pursue that.”


So there you have it.  No loud rap music, or standing for long periods of time.  No sleeping in a chilly cell, or attention slaps — and most certainly no waterboarding.  Instead, our good friend, the Panty Bomber, will be sent to bed without supper.  That ought to make him think twice about committing acts of terrorism against the United States when he is acquitted and sent back to Yemen — or Detroit.


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