Doomed or Duped?

Global warming peddlers in Copenhagen just proved that they not only don’t practice what they preach, but they don’t even believe what they preach. According to “Climate-Changeologists” the polar ice caps will be completely melted within FIVE years. And yet, the Super Duper Smart People in Copenhagen just decided to delay decisions on “preventing catastrophic climate change” for SIX years.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the debate on global warming is in fact over, and there is no doubt in the accuracy of the science, wouldn’t the “I-like-the-money-and-power-that-comes-from-selling-global-warming” people be in a panic to reach some sort of agreement before the polar ice caps melt and much of the world shares the fate of Atlantis?

Two years ago Al Gore predicted that the polar ice caps will be gone in five years. So according to the all-knowledgeable, Inconvenient Truth-Telling Scholar, the polar ice caps will be gone by the summer of 2012. In Copenhagen today Al Gore once again predicted that the polar ice caps will be gone in five years. Hang on, if he first made this very same prediction in 2007, and it is now 2009, shouldn’t he be saying that the ice caps will melt in only three years? I’m no math major, so if I can calculate that equation, one would think the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate shouldn’t have a problem with it either.

Except it isn’t true, and he knows it. So he has to continue lengthening the time frame.

How convenient.

Regardless of Al Gore’s discrepancies, we must conclude that either we are all doomed because the Smarty-Pants in Copenhagen are procrastinating global warming decisions for six years, and the world will come to a disastrous, watery end in five years, or none of these alarmists really believe in the rhetoric themselves, and we’re all being duped. My bet’s on the latter.

Tangent: Why do they hold the Climate Change Summit in December — in Denmark? When one is shivering in a 30 degree snowstorm, a little global warming might sound appealing. I’m not trying to help them out or anything, but I think they would have better luck if they tried to strike while the iron’s hot, so to speak. Like Death Valley — in August.

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