U.S. Senate to Commit Harry-Kerry

Saturday’s scheduled vote in the Senate for cloture on the motion to proceed (a vote to begin debate on a bill), although innocently claimed to be strictly procedural, will really enable at-risk Democrats to vote for the healthcare bill, without really voting for it.

According to a study of voting patterns, more than 97 percent of all bills that are first subject to a cloture vote end up passing in the Senate. This procedure gives cover to “on the fence” lawmakers who want to have it both ways. They can pull a John Kerry, and vote for a bill… before voting against it.

Harry Reid needs 60 votes to pass a cloture motion, and only 51 votes afterward to pass the giant healthcare reform bill. So if the cloture motion is passed, essentially (and statistically) the healthcare bill will be passed.

This needs to be widely understood by residents of states who have a Senator up for re-election next year. Any Senator who votes for cloture and then votes against the healthcare bill has knowingly voted in favor of the bill, and is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Don’t let them get away with it.

Here’s a recap of what’s wrong with the Senate Harry-Kerry healthcare bill:

1. $2.5 trillion in real costs for the first 10 years after the bill is implemented (and don’t be fooled by wild claims of $127 billion in deficit reduction)

2. Massive new taxes (to the tune of nearly $500 billion)

3. Half a trillion dollars in Medicare cuts

4. Lost jobs and lower wages due to crippling employer mandates

5. Increased health insurance premiums (I thought the point of this whole reform thing was to decrease premiums, but I digress)

6. Federal funds used to pay for abortions

And much, much more.