The White House's Radical Requests

Just when I thought this White House couldn’t be any more radicalized, Politico reports today these Democratic Ducks are getting even quackier.

These statists now want to magically and fundamentally transform the budget process, requesting the power to take funds from one Congressionally-appropriated area and shift them to a completely different one. For example, while Congress specifically appropriates money for the Department of Defense, President Obama’s bureaucrats would swoop-in and steal the funds for the Department of Health and Human Services to implement ObamaCare.

If that wasn’t enough, the White House asking for an omnibus or continuing resolution that would fund government through the rest of the year, allowing Lame Duck Democrats the immoral ability to fund rejected experiments like ObamaCare without electoral accountability.

The only acceptable outcome is a short-term continuing resolution that allows the next Congress with the new electoral mandate to set the spending priorities of our nation.

We must send a strong message of disapproval to our Congressman and Senators to vote against any budget that reflects the White House’s radical requests. Go to www.DumpTheDucks.org and sign Restore the Dream PAC’s pledge to vote against politician that funds ObamaCare during the lame duck!

Alex Cortes is the Chairman of Restore the Dream PAC and Foundation, whose initiative DeFundIt.org is the leading advocate for the de-funding of ObamaCare