Clear Contrasts for Conservatives

In August and September there are several critical Republican Senate primaries pitting ObamaCare fighters against ObamaCare appeasers.  Most significantly are the matchups between Senator Murkowski vs. Joe Miller in Alaska, Rep.  Jerry Moran vs. Rep. Todd Tiahrt in Kansas, and Rep. Mike Castle vs. Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.  All three present conservatives clear contrasts where our activism can make all the difference.

In the Kansas Senate race to replace Sam Brownback, Congressman Todd Tiahrt has been a leader in fighting ObamaCare, while Moran has been a party follower. On the Sunday the House of Representatives passed the law, Tiahrt spent over 10 hours on the floor fighting the law, while Moran was comparatively silent.

Less than 24 hours after the President signed ObamaCare into law, Tiahrt wrote a letter to Republican leaders called for strategy sessions on de-funding it. Meanwhile Moran introduced legislation to repeal the law, an obvious and worthless political stunt given that three of his colleagues also introduced similar bills.

Finally, Tiahrt has pledged to de-fund ObamaCare, the first step a Republican Congress can take to defeat the law, but Moran has not made this commitment.

In the Delaware Senate race to replace Joe Biden’s seat-warmer, Christine O’Donnell has pledged to de-fund and repeal ObamaCare, while Congressman Mike Castle won’t even commit to repealing the law.

We have the same exact situation in the Alaska Senate race, where Sarah Palin endorsed Joe Miller has pledged to de-fund and repeal ObamaCare, while incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski won’t even commit to repealing the law.

Make no mistake that by not supporting de-funding and repealing ObamaCare, Castle and Murkowski are in fact supporting the law’s immortal entrenchment into society.

For conservatives this is as clear of a contrast you can ask for. Candidates like Tiahrt, O’Donnell, and Miller that will be leaders in fighting to defeat ObamaCare versus candidates like Moran, Castle, and Murkowski will be ObamaCare appeasers at worst and party followers at best.

Now get active conservatives!