Accountability and the Left

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I have an old Army pal who is an extreme left thinker.  However, his love of himself and what he ecshews is a marvel!! We have been at odds with our political thinking probably forever. But our youth precluded us from having some of the discourse we have now.

He has his own blog and makes no apologies for what he says or thinks. I am the lone conservative commenter at his blog. His friends drool all over what he has to say, while I hold his feet to the fire.

There have been many times that I have tried to have a debate with him or others, there by commenting and he either claims my comments get deleted or auto-dumped into the spam folder. Well, as we know, many left minded thinkers do not want sensible debate and if they don’t like what is said, they flush it. Save for those who would swoon and idolize the words of he, the master of the Journal of Doubt.

He wrote something the other day and I saw red. Normally, I walk away from commenting because it does no good. He linked to it on Facebook where he has his own rule to never talk politics, because that forum is supposed to be for family and friends to connect. However, people do and it is a passion of mine and I do engage if I choose. He had the chutzpah to message me and tell me how he would hide me in his feed if I continued having such discussions. You know what the actual offense was? I answered a FB poll about whom I voted for!! Ah, yes. I did not vote for the Pied Piper.

He used the term “rightwingers”!! He therefore broke his own rule. I told him in no uncertain terms this time I would not let it slide. I commence.

Clearly, like many extreme left thinkers, he is suffering from some class envy, even though he himself claims a six-figure salary. I find it hard to believe as the company he works for is worth 3 million and has more than 20 employees.

However, my problem is that the pal believes if one has empathy, compassion, or sympathy for someone in a lower socio-economic or educative state (his working class poor) then it must automatically exempt him from the labels he so willingly puts upon, say, me, a conservative (er, right-winger).

And there is where I hold him down. He said this: “It’s got to be tough to be a kid today, especially if kids aren’t jacked into the meritocratic elite culture of posh suburban enclaves, elite schools, and familial connections in the working world. If you’re a fringe kid from the poor working classes, you’re pretty much fu**ed unless you’re the next Picasso or Kurt Cobain. Or you can hit a curveball like Joe Maurer.”

And this: “if you’re some poor or working class kid with very few prospects for the future; no matter how hard you work, it’s impossible, especially in America to compete with the elite when the playing field is totally in their favor by virtue of a vast inequity of wealth, privilege and opportunity.”

And to wit, his friends were drooling over that imagery and telling him how awesome and spot on he was! Me? Not so much. “meritocratic elite?”  The word “merit” implies that one has earned something with talent and ability. Elite, of course is what one might become with enough blood, sweat and tears. I find nothing wrong with that. But the implication i see here is that is must surely be someone else’s fault if these working class poor must be a Kurt Cobain in order to rise above!! And to me, what my pal has done is given these kids a pass because they have no connection, no brains and nothing will get them out of their sad states. WOW!! Why not just take them to the nearest welfare office and sign them up for life?

Holy cow! Since when does having less money, or privilege preclude you from going out there and getting an education or the job or life you dream of for God’s sake? Oh…the pal has swallowed the stupid envy pill which allows him to lambaste those who started out with more money and a better education. He completely undermines the ambitions and the brains of these “poor, working class” and he makes them a victim. Forgive me, if I say isn’t that how the left operates- by using the victim card, the race card? Pick a card, any card!! Perhaps he should just tell them all to slit their wrists?

Here’s an idea! How about instead of finger pointing DO SOMETHING!! Liberals love to whine about it, but never get up off their collective “for the greater good” a**es. Look up Chicago Hope Academy, where I have been privy to meet some of the most amazing kids on the planet. They were some of the most respectful, courteous, and engaging kids I have had the pleasure to know. Last year, CHA graduated and placed all 107 seniors in the first graduating class. You’ll never meet a finer bunch of kids. Then take the cue and go to a place in Philly and do the same thing that Bob and Tina have done.

I digress. He goes on about American culture being horrible and how it’s fueling the dispassionate attitude in kids! I ask, is it the kids or the adults who have been distancing themselves from their responsibilities as parents? No, couldn’t be that. It’s all because they aren’t “jacked” into suburbia, private schools and money, isn’t it? It’s because they are poor! For shame.

Apparently, my pal does not remember that being one of 9, with a widowed mother, he was not plugged into such things and yet, all the members of his family have success in their own right. He is one of the meritocratic elite he claims is dooming the less fortunate!

He opines that those elite (“weasels who read Ayn Rand”) don’t give an eff about shared sacrifice, egalitarian ways or civic duty. And every single time he brings this up, I ask him what has he done to sacrifice for the good of others? How does he think legislating equality is going to work, if he himself must be forced to pay more taxes by law if only in the form of health care and the mandate that maternity and well baby care are included in his premium?

We don’t all have the same brains or the capacity to produce, do we? And punishing those who can to favor those who do not or will not is unacceptable to me!! How indeed does he define civic virtue? For if he were to really affect change, he himself would not be nearly as self-serving as he is. Civic virtue is about being neighborly and kind, thinking of others. He does no such thing unless he benefits and the minute he doesn’t, out the door with you. By the way, he reads Paul Krugman. Can I call him a weasel?

He gets one thing right by saying that media has a role: The media is run by a few powerful moguls who pervert the national dialogue with every sort of self-serving bullsh** sophistry imaginable, all with the intent of keeping people scared, stupid, and apathetic about their role in a democratic nation. Nothing defeats egalitarianism quite like feeling frightened, unworthy, powerless, and insignificant.”

It’s unfortunate that although he is aware of the power, he doesn’t question the likes of Olberman, Maddow, Schultz, Matthews nor what the moguls like Soros, Buffet, do. Nope. He is aware that peddling these fears may also get him what he wants, so don’t test him!! What he wants is that we should all be grateful to the government for saving us from ourselves!!

I think he forgets something I thought he learned when visiting East Berlin 2 years prior to the wall falling. Does he not remember big brother spying at every turn? Does he not remember the empty shelves in the stores or better yet the emptiness in the eyes of the people waiting on him? The government was practicing all the things he loves…shared sacrifice, equality for all!! But when the wall fell, those people had forgotten how to live, to think because all they had was an existence.

The meritocratic elite – er, read right wingers– are “scum worse than Nazis”. Yes. He said it. And he said:

“Since they were in diapers they’ve been told how wonderful and special they are, and they treat every aspect of life like a competition where, not only do they have to win, but they have to skull fu** everyone they vanquish. Remember the story of Pericles weeping after he defeated the Persians? Our elite would rape the dead Persians.”

That sounds like some serious envy there. Hmm. So, by that logic forget competition- everyone gets a trophy and if they don’t like it, will it make them “skull fu**ed?” Competition drives our economy and winning is part of that. Should his beloved Philly sports teams just give up the W so the other team can pretend they didn’t get an arse whooping? It’s a stretch to say that because a person grows up with more privilege or money that they have no concern for the “vanquished.” It sounds like a personal problem to me.

He whined about the gulf that exists between the rich and the poor and says we have returned to the Gilded Age! Ha. If he’s wussing about that, then surely he doesn’t realize that with his income he rides the top 5% tax bracket! I wonder if he should go to his boss and ask for less money because he wants to do something to narrow that gap!! Nooooo. That’s for those cheaters making eight-figure incomes!! Again, ha. The Gilded Age was about rapid economic growth…and sadly, we are headed toward the Bread and Circuses mode are we not? Wherein the Pied Piper has promised everything is coming up roses, while plundering continues with the other hand!!

And the pal? Why he blames all of this on Ronald Reagan!! Quote: “Go visit places like Camden, North Philly, West Baltimore, or Washington, DC just a few blocks from our Capitol; what you’ll see are American citizens who are way beyond being merely skull fu**ed. No, they were skull fuc**d back when Ronald Reagan took over…”

Yes, indeed. It was Ronald Reagan.

And, oh, his beloved Europe!! I have been there in the last 7 of 10 and yes, they have it, too in Zurich, London, Germany…yep. Poverty, crime, homelessness are not extinct because a socialist government is in place. The crime rates there are higher in some Countries per capita than the US. Does he ask why or how? Of course not. Does he offer any feasible solution that does not involve taking other people’s money? Something basic is missing, but I daresay that Reagan’s policies alone or the rich have a lot to do with it.

He ponders what are we handing our kids today? He has no children, no wife. And he is a hypocrite of the finest order. You see he neglects to mention that he voted for Obama. This was after he said he would not, because Obama voted for the TARP. He holds no other administration accountable for what is happening in our world today that are of the leftist persuasion. No. He neglects to note that as an Obama supporter he agrees with TARP, raising the Debt ceiling, etc…

He says nobody want to pay higher taxes and because Republicans want a limited gov’t that soon the rest of the country will look like Camden, Philly, et al. His friend calls this year three of “crisis”! Uh, gee. Unless someone turned me into Johnny Appleseed and I have been sleeping, who is responsible for the crisis? C’mon, you *know* it’s the teabaggers and Bush. No matter that the Pied Piper has voted on more bailouts since the first one, and he ballooned the deficit, and broken many campaign promises and even kept up with some Bush policies.

RI, CA, NY, NJ, IL, MI are all in big trouble. Yet, I believe these states have been democratically (Uh-oh) governed for quite some time, have they not? Who is to blame for that? Conservatives? Reagan? Oh, I know. Bush!

As a conservative thinker I would ask this: As an employee, your job is to service a client, professionally, with fiduciary responsibility. If as an employee, you did not, or you were not raising the revenue expected of you, would your employer keep you? No. Therefore, why would I ever want the government to have more of my money when they spend with reckless abandon and have not shown any fiduciary responsibility? Would you pay money for a car that will be four years old before you get to drive it?

As a conservative I would ask: Do you spend money to get out of debt? Because last I checked in my house, I cut my spending. Is the government doing that? Uh. Nope. They have grown much faster than the private sector, you see, and um, THEY PRODUCE NOTHING!! How does that fix the staggering real unemployment rate or the hyperinflation that will soon follow?

And lastly, as my pal is so full of compassion and empathy for the poor, would he lead by example and just tell the government to increase his tax rate to 50%? I am dead sure all of his friends who think alike will follow suit, because they care about giving hope and affecting change. It’s for the greater good, after all!