Sigh the Petition...Rush Is Right!!!

Is there anything more assinine than the demoRats whining because Rush spoke about Obama and failure in the same sentence? Well, if you thought you hadn’t seen it all with the Sheisse sandwich being served up(see post below) in the NON- STIMULUS package, now’s your chance!! The Demo Rats are afraid of Rush and they are serving up a petition for you to sign to show your outrage. I left my comment:

“Rush is right. If President Obama thinks we should sit back while our Republic becomes a socialist waste land, then I hope he fails as well. 1 trillion dollars for lining the crony pockets and nothing for the taxpayers but more debt and pretty much ZERO stimulus is absolutely ludicrous. What happened to by the people, for the people? “

And then the little thing pops up proudly announcing,”We are only 2400 signatures from our goal!” I just wonder how many Rush supporters have actually signed up with their comments? So C’mon, people, GO FORTH AND COMMENT!! Do copy and paste it here in the comment section, would you, please?  Two can play this game…does anyone remember the republican petition against Keith “Bush is a Nazi” Olbermann? You might not, since there wasn’t one…and THESE are the people in Congress? HFS, batman!!