An Anti Lovefest for the PEBO

The Anti-PEBO Lovefest

Climate guy warns Obama has 4 years to save the world??? WTF? Is that guy walking on water? This is winter and global warming is the biggest farce, yet. Besides more government help…

Or how about this one…COW Team eyes “government bank” to ease crisis??? Again WTF??? What part about more government, printing money and creating more bureaucracy will help us get out of the current crisis? NOT THE FUKKING GOVERNMENT!!!

Warren Buffet says we are an economic Pearl Harbor? Let’s make it true and bomb all the cronies in Washington to clean house then, okay? How does December 7th, 2009 sound?

And the newest gem? A Dayton HS is now telling the student body that they must not say anything inappropriate about The COW on Inauguration Day that would make other students and faculty uncomfortable. HFS, Batman!! This is just getting so ridiculous I can’t stand it. 

I’m just astounded at the lovefest for the COW. Yes, he will be the President, but all the starry-eyed reporting is truly enough to make me sick. 

Seriously. I cannot stand the thoughts that people do not get where we are going. keep in mind people, that the COW has been give the golden key with this crisis. He will be able to make good on campaign promises and nobody will ask for accountability. There is 1 trillion dollars of our money being promised so that can happen. Has anyone bothered to see it? Let me give you a taste…My retorts are in parentheses.

-$6 billion to weatherize “modest income homes.” (You have got to be kidding me!! I am modest income. Will he buy me 36 new double-paned e-gas windows?) 

 -$6 billion to provide internet in “underserved” areas. ( Does under served mean more internet or more for those who can’t afford it? Stop screwing with progress, it will get there!!)

$6 billion for “higher education modernization.” (Um, why waste money when the same old, same old is what you will get? Dumbing things down hardly calls for more modernization!)

-$20 billion in health information technology to “prevent medial mistakes.”(No amount of money will create anything that is foolproof behind the hands of humans- We are not GOD!!) To err is human.)

-$20 billion to increase food stamp funding…(Clinton cuts the welfare rolls and Jimmuh 2 recreates them!! More taxes for people who make the money)

-$87 billion to provide a “temporary” increase in Medicaid funding(when the government passes anything temporary, it becomes permanent. More taxes, yet again)

-$300 million to provide rebates for people who purchase Energy Star products (Every freaking thing has an energy star rating, how absurd. More taxes for another entitlement)

-$600 million for the federal government to buy brand new energy efficient cars. (Uncle hasn’t been paying attention. The hybrid cars do no better than The Gunny’s VW Golf powered by pure gas. 

-$400 million for state and local governments to buy brand new energy efficient cars. ( IS THIS NOT TOTALLY LUDICROUS???? Spend that much on public transport infrastructure instead, butthats!!

-$2.4 billion for carbon capture demonstration programs (Waste not, want not, hey? Algore is still making money with his carbon credits. Anybody wnat to make money? Get in the energy business now!!!)

-$350 million to research using energy efficient technology on military bases (HELLLLLOOOO!!!! We are already doing this!!!)

-$300 million for grants and loans to state and local governments for projects that reduce diesel emissions, “benefiting public health and reducing global warming” (That has never worked. It’s just codefor  wasting more money.)

-$500 million for energy efficient manufacturing demonstration projects.(WTF? Again, anyone already researching is demonstrating, give me a freaking break!)

-$400 million to build major research facilities “that perform cutting edge science” (Correct me if I am wrong, but are there not plenty buildings and such to “re-purpose?” R&D facilities of closed pharma companies is one example…These facilities ALREADY. EXIST. Why not invest in the programs with the most successes? I just get sick reading  this crap.)

-$1.5 billion for expanding “good jobs in biomedical research” (Again, not needed. You want to expand it, consider some scholarships based on Academic merits and tie it to some form of Government Research. There is plenty of that to be had)

-$400 million “to put more scientists to work doing climate change research”(No fukking way!! All we need is more fear and conspiracy theories!! In winter it gets cold, butt-biting cold!!! In summer, why, by golly, it gets HOT!!! That’s what seasons do. They change!)

-$600 million for satellite development and acquisitions, including climate sensors and climate modeling. ( again, we have this stuff and it is always being upgraded)

-$250 million “to address long-term economic distress in urban industrial cores and rural areas distributed based on need and ability to create jobs and attract private investment.” (I don’t know what I can say about this, except it is more sheistering.)

-$650 million to continue the coupon program to enable American households to convert from analog television transmission to digital transmission. (Nope, sorry. Anyone that owns a cell phone or a computer should have been paying attention. You don’t give something to people who don’t have it in the first place. Another tax for another entitlement and TV is not a right, it’s a privilege.)

-$300 million for the National Wildlife Refuges and National Fish Hatcheries(Why?????)

-$50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts (The only place that money should go is to the public school systems so music is a full time program.)

-$400 million for “ready-to-go habitat restoration projects” (More taxes for more shitt programs. You see how that worked in Obama-land? The housing there wasn’t fit for rats.)

-$2 billion to provide child care services for an additional 300,000 children in low-income families while their parents go to work. (I’m not cold, but this is more entitlements and more taxes on the rest of us who had no breaks. Give me a rebate and I’ll consider it.)

-$120 million to provide subsidized community service jobs to an additional 24,000 low-income older Americans. (Um, not on my watch.)

-$1.5 billion to help local communities build and rehabilitate low-income housing using green technologies. (Green costs more than what is already available. Get a freaking clue!!)

-$500 million to rehabilitate and improve energy efficiency at some of the over 42,000 housing units maintained by Native American housing programs.(Again, I am not a minority, but another hand-out to people equals more taxes.)

Just a few of the earmarking being done. And all because people are starry-eyed waitng for the ice cream man.